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1) a male whose balls have been removed, either for government service (such as in ancient Africa and Rome) or, if the castration takes place before puburty, to prevent the voice from breaking (Italian opera's male sopranos of the 17th thru 19th centuries). In the present day, this sort of eunuch may result from testicular cancer.

2) a male whose entire genitalia is removed. Done as punishment in Ancient Rome, and to qualify for royal government service in China as recently as the 20th century. Also, the hijdra, a caste of Indian transexuals, practice this complete castration.

3) though rarely applied in this context, may also be a male with a single testicle amputated. A modern example would be Tom Green, who broadcast the operation on MTV and then went on to bang Drew Barrymore.

Not to be confused with Unix, a computer operating system believed to be superior to more mainstream options like Windows and Mac.
That guy's SUV is huge! He's overcompensating for so much, he must be a eunuch.
by skyblack March 22, 2004
Its origin of the name comes from Britain and can be defined as to be successful or a bright person. In very rare cases the name as been linked to hispanics as well or as either a first or last name. They are very deep thinkers and are usually the voice of reason, though not very assertive in displaying their impressive deductive and inductive reasoning skills they tend to around the right moment. In addition they also enjoy adventure and getting out a lot. They are calm, compassionate, genuine, and can handle large amounts of stress without letting anyone know, in part because they prefer to not bring anyone down with their own dramas. Herberts may appear as though they're very nice and innocent, but tend to contain a dark deviant side to them. They usually don't like following certain rules & will sometimes challenge them. Though they have good control of their deviance when intoxicated they usually tend to let it out.
"Oh sounds like Herbert is having a blast!"

"Come on man, its Herbert, of course he's smart."

"Herbert is always acting silly."

"Ya Herbert always has creative imagination."
by Herbert2010 February 22, 2010
The medium female singing voice in opera and non-classical music (although in the choir, the mezzo-soprano and the contralto are lumped together as altos). The mezzo-soprano has a range of two octaves from A3 (below middle C) to A5 (just two notes short of high C). This is the most common female voice.

Situated between the soprano and contralto, the mezzo-soprano typically plays supporting roles (mothers, maidservants, friends of the heroine) as well as villainous women like the femme fatale (the saying among mezzo-sopranos and contraltos is that they play "witches, britches, and bitches").

Many pop singers are mezzo-sopranos, although the vocal subcategories used in opera are not applied to them. Examples include Madonna, Beyonce, Patti Lupone, Ethel Merman, Tori Amos, Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston (since the mid-1990s), Enya, Janet Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Alanis Morissette, and Sarah McLachlan.
Based on vocal weight/voice type, mezzo-sopranos re divided into three subtypes:

Coloratura mezzo-soprano: Light, flexible, pure, very agile and sings very ornate passages (very rare voice). Examples include Cecilia Bartoli, Marilyn Horne, and Jennifer Larmore, and Vivica Genaux.

Lyric mezzo-soprano: Light, mellow, strong and often plays trouser roles (a woman who plays boys and adolescent males) as well as perfectly feminine characters. Examples include Frederica von Stade, Anne Sophie von Otter, Tatiana Troyanos, and Katherine Jenkins.

Dramatic mezzo-soprano: Powerful, rich, warm and with a stronger (and seductive) lower range than a soprano, she is reserved for the roles of villains (temptresses, femmes fatales, witches) as well as mothers and friends of the soprano. Examples include Grace Bumbry, Dolora Zajick, Denyce Graves, Olga Borodina, and Viorica Cortez.

Mezzo-sopranos can't sing high notes as easily as sopranos (they sound appropriately wild and crazed when they do), but they get their revenge by playing some of the spiciest roles ever.
by Lorelili July 06, 2011
OX (noun): a slang term used to describe a sharp blade
im gonna cut that foo with mah ox
by Davy Reins January 31, 2004
A popular telivision mafia family found in a show of the same name on HBO. The core consists of
Tony, a large, level headed mob boss.
Carmela, the somewhat and rightly disgruntled spouse of Tony.
Meadow, the politically leftist but bright daughter.
A.J., the spitting image of Tony without all the redeeming qualities (an asshole).
Who gives a damn if Sex and the City is gone- we still have the fuckin' Sopranos!
by Frost March 12, 2004
an amazing rock and roll band that sets the standard unbelievably high.
Listen to Quadrophenia and you'll see what this really means.
by Rokinfreeworld December 30, 2003
Balls cut off
Trespassers will be castrated
by Shib May 14, 2002
The act of one dressing up as the gender that they do not normally find themselves living as. This is done usually as a hobby, in order to live out fantasies, for drag shows/parties, or for sexual excitement. Oh and just to make it clear; TRANSSEXUALS DO NOT CROSS-DRESS, AND CROSS-DRESSERS AREN'T NECESSARILY LGBT!!!!!!
Cory: Hey Ari, just curious; between you and me, have you ever found your brother Josh cross-dressing? I mean he's so effeminate like I would bet 100 hundred dollars that he cross-dresses. I mean let's shake on it now.

Ari: (Takes hand)...that was a stupid bet Cory, guess what, she doesn't cross-dress.

Cory: SHE!!!!!

Ari: Yes, I'll apologize to her later for telling you that but Jessica, not Josh, is a transsexual who isn't out yet, and yes she wears woman's clothes all the time, but it isn't cross-dressing. For the last 3 months she's refused to wear boxers, Vicky's Secret Panties only.

Cory: That's cross-dressing you cheapscape!!!!

Ari: According to Urbandictionary it's not.

Cory: Fack!!!!!
by גסיקה January 05, 2009
There's a difference between a feminazi and a feminist.

A feminist is someone who supports womens' rights. Simple as that. Thinks girls in poorer countries should go to school, is opposed to those music videos that consist of like, three minutes of boob shots, etc. Equality is cool, guys. Feminism is cool.

A feminazi is not a feminist. Feminists believe in equal rights for us, feminazis just make us look stupid. Feminazis believe that all men are idiots, wearing a bra is a symbol of oppression (personally I find bras comfortable), shaving our legs is apparently showing that we GIVE INTO MALE PRESSURE TO BE ATTRACTIVE HOLY SHIT, snowmen must be called "snowpeople", and that any song that mentions a girl is supporting rape or whatever. Is apparently against sexism, making them a hugefuckinghypocrite.

A feminazi is a sexist. A feminist is a supporter of womens' rights.
Feminist: So, did you hear they have a sale on bras this weekend at Victoria's Secret? I think I'll go buy some, I've only got a few.
Feminist: wat
by A girl who supports equality December 07, 2009
Feminine means "What pertains to a woman". There are no qualifications. Whatever a woman does is feminine, because they are a woman, and they are doing something that pertains to them.

The only thing that can really be called "feminine" are ovaries.
A woman in a flowery skirt is feminine. And a woman in leather pants is feminine as well.
by Anonymous March 03, 2004

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