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Thesaurus for bust-out

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for bust-out

Meanlingless phrase normally said when you want to say a lot of swear words at once but the just all combine into one
ah.......... cock balls
by Schultz February 03, 2005
65 9
A vagina. This is where a penis would normally be inserted (although there are other points of insertion). In other cases, it is where a woman inserts her vibrator, or where someone inserts their tongue, or fingers, etc. Lots of things can go up there, but they're all working towards the same goal.
A.K.A---Bearded Clam(my personal favorite), Taco, pussy, cunt (just to name a few).
"I want you in my cooch!"
by Miso Orney July 07, 2005
2152 573
In this context, the cooch refers to the asshole. The aroma from the cooch can make a partner extremely animalistic towards their man or woman.

Cooch-aroma can be either strong or weak but in either case, it drives your partner wild so they demand very kinky sex.
#1 - Lick my asshole

#2 - Fuck yeh, cooch-aroma baby....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 17, 2009
5 3
Designed to be a 'safety' word, to pull out, when a couple are having a stupid fuckin' argument over essentially nothing at all.

In this context, a cooch refers to the asshole of either partner.
#1 - You're a dickhead, you're never sensitive towards my feelings!

#2 - Cooch-therapy baby....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 17, 2009
3 2
1. A person who is so annoying and dumb that they can no longer be classed as an idiot and therefore a new level of idiot was created for them, the Fucknut.
2. A person who as shit for brains (that's if they lucky).
3. A person who was dropped from a tall building at birth.
4. Also see: Alex Glumac
"Fucking fucknut."
"Don't eat from the bin, YOU FUCKNUT."
by PotatoChip May 04, 2003
656 136
Used to express a greeting or tribute.
Hail dude!
Oh hiya
by Alex March 22, 2004
295 140
A rain-fuck developed from the concept of the 'rain dance'.

Rain dancing originates from the ancients as a cultural tool to invoke rain for their agricultural, ceremonial and spiritual needs.

Anybody can create their own rain dance for entertainment or 'other' purposes.

The rain-fuck has individually-relative meanings but as a foundation it entails conducting your rain dance whilst having sexual intercourse.

NOTE: the rain-fuck is not intended to be romantic or even attractive; its merely a sexual entertainment tool....
#1 - you're a bit chirpy today, did you get lucky last night?

#2 - yeh actually, i even brought out my rain dance and rain-fucked her
by the real mirroring cockhead March 17, 2009
4 6
Hardest part of LA , Watch Menace II society.
Lmao at the other guys Def, WTF are you talking about Watts is rite in the middle of South Central LA.
by Past December 07, 2005
437 59
One who trips balls on lsd

#1 - shit babe, im trippin' balls

#2 - yep, we're fuckin' balltrippers....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 18, 2009
3 2
1. One who confronts another with an undesirable truth.

2. A person who makes mirroring statements which have little compassion for temporary emotional trauma.

3. Statements of 'truth' said by a cockhead to another person, which are very direct and sometimes even very fucking blunt.
#1 - Stop using the guise that its glandular; the truth is you're fucking fat, you're making yourself and everyone around you sick, have a fucking crack at life you fat fuck

#2 - you're such a mirroring cockhead....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 19, 2009
4 7