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the most sexy girls in the world live in bulgaria.
bulgaria equals paradise
by Todor Hristov January 26, 2004
Extremely attractive, charming, intelligent person with a strong desire to reach the top.
Not to be mistaken with 'crazy bulgarian' referring to the hairy, masculine, sleazy type that couldn't pick up a prostitute.
I'm going out with that bulgarian guy tonight.

That chick is hotter than anything I have ever seen. She must be bulgarian.
by WeiSTD March 09, 2004
The "Bulgarian Bullet" is a term for a very specific style of beer pong shot. The Bulgarian Bullet is a shot so straight that it often causes cups to tips over due to its force. Not to be confused with the "Fastball" shot, the Bulgarian Bullet is both a lot straighter and faster. Depending on the length of the table and the skill of the user the Bulgarian Bullet can be a fatal flaw or an unrelenting adversary. The term was first used by one Jake Midden (aka Jake the Snake) to describe the shooting style of his Bulgarian friend and beer pong partner Plamen Chakov.
Oh shit man! Did you see Plamen knock over the last cup with that Bulgarian Bullet?
by StabbyJoe89 February 21, 2008
a Bulgarian with a brainwash
There is historic evidence,that 55 and more per cent of "macedonians" are Bulgarians.
by noooone August 05, 2006
Very shity music made by Bulgarian low-inteligent musiciants adicted to low-quality alcohol and preformed by guipsies and retarded whors(most often blond).The lyrics are cheesy and doesn't ring any all
(translation of a chalga lyr)
Oh bathroom,oh joy
the village bathroom is the greatest joy!
by Victor 6taigata February 20, 2005
A person coming from Romania (a beautiful (but poor) country in Eastern Europe). Romanians are Orthodox. Are beautiful people (mostly the women). Love soccer (who doesn't???). Romanians are very smart people--education is a top priority. Beautiful music (unless you dont like it). Romanians eat bread with everything, and when eating, must NOT leave food on the plate (LOL). The language is a very nice language, pretty easy to learn, and very similar to Spanish (as it is a Latin-based language).

Romanians - - - We are awesome!!
Sample Romanian words/phrases: (w/ English transliteration)

Ce faci? - che fach - How are you

Bine - Beeneh - Good.

Buna ziua- boonuh zeewah- Good day/Hello

=) Curva - coorrvuh - B...h

(Tu) esti frumoasa - (too) yesht frroomwasuh - You are pretty/beautiful

**when you see a 'rr' that means the r must be rolled. =)
by >Beautiful_is_Queen*B< April 30, 2009
What kind of moron are you that you look up sex in the urban dictionary?
Looking up sex??? Seriously, get off now before I turn off the internet.
by TJ (CC) December 03, 2005
Cheap (not referring to money); unfair.
His underhanded business deals subjected him to a taxing amount of government scrutiny.
by Diggity Monkeez February 15, 2005
Bad Game. Typed in after someone plays a poor game, most commonly used in online multiplayer First Person shooters.
see also: gg, fg
Red team loses 24 to 2.
(someone on the red team): bg
by Pakistani March 20, 2003
I have never heard of this term, but the definition that the other dude gave is totally and utterly wrong. 1st Bulgaria was under Ottoman rule during the 1700s and they had rebellions on their mind and not how to slap each other w/ their "wangs". 2nd, Bulgaria NEVER had dukes. The nobility is called in a very different way.
I don't know what that other dude was on when he wrote what Bulgarian Slap is but that's wrong...
by Georgi Evtimov March 03, 2007

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