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A broken beer bottle, used by poor people as a weapon.
"My grandma once called a broken beer bottle a nigger knife. Come to think of it, she was a bit racist, wasn't she?"
by Dante-Hicks July 22, 2006
Bottle - whether you have the nerve to take on something.
Don't bottle it now you big bottler.
by Adam brandon August 02, 2004
1) An object with a blade, primarily used for cutting.

2) To stab someone with a knife.
"I'm going to knife you if you touch my bitch again."
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
a broken bottle used by porch monkeys
that niger tried to stab me with his niger knife he made from his 40oz beer.

by sebastian / peachez July 30, 2006
A fully grown niglet
Theres one of them niggers
by Shanaynay121092 September 28, 2006
The act of stabbing someone with a nigger knife.
If a street nigger pulled his malt liquor bottle away from his bumper lips and broke it on one of those nigger benches and then stabbed some caucasian people, that would be a good example of someone being nigger knifed.
by omega greek August 04, 2010
A broken glass bottle similar to a nigger knife but greater in size.
Greg: Look that guy has a "nigger knife"
Austin: No man that's to big to be a "nigger knife" it's definitely a Spook Sword
by Flo Mo 69 March 29, 2010
Fancy Way: Usually, a ridiculously simple disagreement between two or more people under the intoxicating effects of alchohol, that is quicky changed into a brawl. The reasons may vary, but anything can be offensive to an alchohl impaired mind. These fights will more often than not take place in a bar, pub, club, or any public facility that offers alcholic beverages. In any case, anyone involved in the brawl may be immediatly thrown out of the premises by bouncers, and will 1) continue the fight, or 2) forget what happened and attempt to limp home.

Sucka' Way: When two drunk dudes get pissed at each other for some bull shit over sports, get up, or a chicken wing. They'll try to knock each other out, but will probably get the shit kicked out of them by some guy who's bigger and more sober than they are. They can be entertaining to watch, depending on who's fighting, which bar it is, and whether the Raiders or the Steelers won the game.
Jack: *moan* What the hell happened last night? Ow...
Mac: Shit, you don't remember? You got in a bar fight with some fucker who's a mixed martial artist or some shit. Man, you were so fucking drunk, your head was spinning BEFORE he hook'd ya'!
by Kil Lerown January 19, 2010

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