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A possible scenario of a relative whom is an aunt and a sister at the same time; when a woman has a child with a father and another with his son, or when a man produces children with a mother and a daughter, the aunster being the result of Subject A and the older generation (child with the mother or father) as related to the other child.
Ty: "How is Joelle your aunster?"

Jordan: "We have the same mother, but my Grandpa is her Dad."

Ty: "Dude, what the fuck!!??"
by ilovewhopperjrs December 21, 2009
when two boys' mothers are sisters and share the same father
my brother is also my cousin by blood becuase we share the same father and our mothers are sisters, brother+cousin= brousin
by CO-DAY! July 01, 2009
a brother and uncle at the same time (weird)
"My bruncle is coming to visit me this weekend"
-Winston Furth
by slipknot rocks October 15, 2004
female cousin that is more like a sister
My cousins and sisters are so close we're cousters.
by 'antha October 11, 2010
When one's sibling has a daughter with their parent, the child becomes their niester; a niece because they're their sibling's daughter, and a sister being their parent's daughter, making her a niester.
My niester Ruby is so hot, I just might have to date her and take her to prom this year.
by wnywenke December 24, 2009
The male child of your bruncle or aunster. Your bruncle/aunster is the result of one of your parents having a child with any of your grandparents, and the son of your bruncle or aunster would be your couphew; your brother or sister's son is your nephew, and your aunt or uncle's son is your son, making the end result your couphew.
My couphews Tommy and Dylan are so adorable when they swing on the swingset, my bruncle Stewart must be so proud of his two sons.
by wnywenke December 24, 2009
A bunch of people who hate each other and eat dinner together.
I have to go to a family function.
by Guinness 1759 September 16, 2005
The way the British royal family keeps itself German.
It is illegal for any member of the British family to marry anyone who isn't a blood relative. (Thanks to the 'Royal marriage act' of 1716) Even lady diana was a distant cousin.
by black flag July 14, 2004
The female child of your bruncle/aunster. Your bruncle and/or aunster is your aunt/uncle and sibling at the same time, so their children, in this case the female, is your niesin; your sibling's daughter being your niece, and your aunt/uncle's daughter being your cousin. Therefore the end result is biologically your niesin.
My niesin Sally is such a cutie pie, she's my niece and my cousin at the same time.
by wnywenke December 24, 2009

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