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The oldest religion on Earth. Over a billion followers. That's great for a religion that never set up missionaries. It has survived the invasions of the Muslims and the British. Even though it may have many Gods, different from Christianity, all it's Gods are one aspect of a universal spirit. I definitely think Hinduism is an awesome religion. It has no main founder, no one big text, and has influenced a lot of the world.
Lord Venkataswara is one of the important Gods of Hinduism.
by Dude December 29, 2004
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Hinduism is a religion which originated in Ancient India, and holds the title of the oldest religion to date.

Hinduism is much more philosophically based than many monotheistic religions, and does not preach an eternal Hell or Heaven, salvation, redemption, nor does it promise eternal life on Earth. Hinduism does promise, however, a different form of "eternal bliss" and end to suffering. (explained below)

Hinduism has many holy texts, but the most sacred are the Vedas and Upinashads. The Bhagavad Gita, a section of the epic Mahabarata, is sometimes referred to as the "Hindu Bible" because in this text the Lord Krishna relays the major points of the Hindu faith to Arjuna, a warrior hero.

The major beliefs of Hindus include reincarnation, karma (the belief that actions in this life will contribute to the quality of the next life. good actions yield good results, bad yields bad), and ahimsa (nonviolence to all living things). Ahimsa will help one attain good karma, which in turn will help him/her achieve a higher quality next life. The ultimate goal of the Hindu is to achieve moksha, or union with the eternal soul, Brahman. (since the ultimate goal is a union with THE eternal soul, Hinduism is fundamentally "monotheistic," the visible manifestations of God such as Vishnu and Shiva are representations of Brahman, so that the human mind can comprehend it). Union with the eternal soul can be attained through meditation and yogic practices or dedication and devotion to one's duty. Because of this need for dedication to duty, the caste system was created by Krishna to keep people focusing on their jobs; HUMANS (not God) corrupted the system and discriminated against people of "lower" castes. Hinduism also urges people to be dispassionate because attachment to worldly objects is superficial and leads only to suffering.

Today, Hinduism is practiced mainly in India and Nepal, though it is spread throughout the world including the U.K., some countries in Africa, South America, and of course in the U.S.A.
Hinduism is one of the most tolerant religions in the world! It has complex philosophical concepts, is very widely practiced, is the oldest religion in the world, yet never tries to convert people!
by For The People January 20, 2004
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The biggest lie in human history. It has been responsible for more deaths throughout human history than all other unnatural causes combined. For a thousand years the Church was a tyrannical dictatorship that used religion to control the uneducated masses. Free your minds and come into the 21st century
"Religion is the child of Ignorance and Fear"
by ShadeeFan April 18, 2003
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A Pandit at a Mandir or Temple holds the ceremonies.

a pandit is a scholar, a teacher, particularly one skilled in Sanskrit and Hindu law, religion, music or philosophy.

a pandit is synonymous to a priest.
"the Hindu Pandit at the Mandir is performing the ceremony"
by yoyoyo1418 May 29, 2009
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One of the principal Hindu deities, worshiped as the destroyer and restorer of worlds and in numerous other forms. Shiva is often conceived as a member of the triad also including Brahma and Vishnu.
Lord Shiva. The water flowing from his locks is a depiction of the River Ganga considered to be a goddess in Hinduism. In Hindu mythology, when Ganga descended from the heavens, the Earth could not bear her flow so Lord Shiva agreed to bear it. Lord Shiva's skin turned bluish as he drank the Halahala poison that came out of the churning of the oceans.
"shiva will destroy all those who think cannabis is illegal"said the goddamn president of india.
by babalog July 07, 2005
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1.The Hindu god of preservation. Known to many as the most powerful deity.

2.A hot, pimpin Indian guy.
A guy named Vishnu shows up at a party. All girls walk over to him.
by VanillaICE September 22, 2005
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top echelon in the hierarchy......the top dog.
The brahmins are the upper most caste within in hindu caste system in India
like Bill Gates,Steve Jobb or say me
by esener October 13, 2004
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A guy who talked to some Jewish guys, some Christian guys, and some Islam guys, and accidentaly caused more people to die than anyone else in human history.
And people wonder why he doesn't talk much to us anymore.
by Squeed March 07, 2005
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Where every company outsources our jobs to.
"Thank you for calling HP, please hold while we transfer you to a customer service representative."
by Khyber Kitsune November 18, 2004
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Legendary sex organ of a Shudra male, historically famed for its huge size & erectile stamina. Traditionally considered the largest type of penis known to mankind, it has long been proven to be much bigger than the Aryan Penis.

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1. "Dravidians evolved large penises, broad noses (platyrrhinism), everted lips & protruding jaws (prognathism) to increase vascularized surface area & help these heat-exchanger organs dissipate more heat in the hot Dravidian climate. Conversely Aryans evolved shrunken penises, inverted lips & slim noses to reduce surface area & conserve heat in the cold North." - Ecological Theory for Penis Caste System.

2. Modern analyses confirm the ancients. Thus, the erect Kerala Shudra Penis averages 13.01 cm ("Penile length & circumference: an Indian study", K Promodu et al. Int J Impotence Res 19 (2007): 558-563), matching the 13.37 cm Nigerian mean ("'Oversized' Penile Length In The Black People; Myth Or Reality" JC Orakwe, GU Ebuh. Tropical J Medical Res 11.1 (2007): 16-18.). Both are larger than all other races, who are below 12.5 cm (ibid.). In contrast, studies have shown the Aryan Penis to rank among the smallest in the world. Thus, the global Andromedical Study concludes "The smallest averages were found in India 10.2 cm (3.9 in) & South Korea 9,6 cm (3.7 in)." (ClickPress, Wed Jan 11 2006). Another analyst concurs, "In contrast to the Negro {incl. Negro-African & Negro-Dravidian or Shudra}, Hindu {Indo-Aryan} men appeared to have got 'the short end of the deal' with a soft-organ size of a couple of inches transforming to an average erection of 4 to 4.5 inches." (`Male Sexual Machine', by Kenneth Purvis, NY: St. Martin's Press, 1992, p.18)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 06, 2010
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