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The best con man that ever lived. Created his own religion based on ideas he borrowed (stole) from an unpublished novel and the mason sect. Established a devoted flock of religious followers while remarkably continuing his snake oil ways until the day he was killed. The man is now a saint and founder of the Mormon church.
Ken Delay is a loser. He made lots of money, but got busted in his own lifetime and will always be a loser. Joseph Smith, however, created his own reality making the rules and then changing the rules to suit his mood. Joseph Smith is a saint.
by Fanny Alger August 10, 2005
Slang for the LDS Church (Latter Day Saints, ie, "Mormons").
Why were you late?

I was delayed by a couple of Morons from the LSD Church who showed up just as I was getting ready to leave.
by Peter Tanner December 22, 2006
"Here goes some crazy people predicting the 2nd Coming of Christ again."

A reference to The Great Advent Movement led by Baptist minister Rev. William Miller who interpreted the "cleansing of the sanctuary" prophecy to be the 2nd Coming Of Christ in 1844.

Instead of Christ returning, Joseph Smith was murdered.
CLARENCE: "Christ is returning by January 1, 2014."

DICK: " 1844 !!!"

GEORGE: "You got that right!"
by Isaiah Fourman January 21, 2009
The Mark of the beast, and the men who follow the beast of the earth will bear this mark to display their allegiance to the beast. It has been disputed by some scholars that certain numeric ciphers would translate it over to certain words, names, etc... For example, one of the more popular translations was Nero Caesar, and before that, Lateinos, etc...

"...And that number is 666."

Widely implied that it was 666 because it was an imperfect number to represent the impurities of man and their evildoings and sinful ways.

Read the book of revelations, at the end of the New Testament; it tells all about that, the seven seals, the apocalypse, Armageddon, Megiddo, etc...
666 is NOT the number of Satan. 666 is best described as a number of lawlessness, secularity, atheism, and sin - all things which many members of the human race indulge in. Emblazing the numbers "666" on your skin or affixing it to your screen name does not make you a Satanist - it makes you look like a fucking retard!
by TheTruth March 24, 2004
ELDER = a missionary from the LDS (Mormon) Church who is YOUNGER than you are, unless you are a minor.
Two young men knocked on my door. Their names were Elder Young and Elder Berry. My daughter thought they were Foxy Mormons, but, since the Elders were Young, I thought they were OxyMorons.
by Elder Berry March 02, 2009
Joseph's Myth = a term used by non-Mormons to refer to Mormonism (founded by Joseph Smith).
MORMON MISSIONARIES: Hi, we're from the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints.

FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS: Do you believe in Joseph's Myth?

MORMON MISSONARIES: Yes, we believe in Joseph Smith.

FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS: Ha ha! You just admitted that Mormonism is Joseph's Myth!
by Elder Berry March 04, 2009
Also referred to as the Zombie Religion. It is a term given to the brainwashed zombies that follow the mormon cult, also referred to as latter day saints (LDS). Sorry but as much as they (mormons) would like to deny it their so called 'religion' is nothing more than a backward cult. Some fellow, Joseph Smith, had an overactive imagination and a penchant for polygamy and manipulating people. He is no better than Jim Jones, L. Ron Hubbard or other similar narcissistic bloke that has cropped up ready to become the next great incarnate of something holier than thou (bla bla bla). It just so happened that he (Joe Smith) rolled in on an entire state of stupid people and was able to rope them into believing in his B.S.
Just because a lot of people believe in mormonism does not make it anything other than a cult. It is just that mormonism has become a really big cult that is nonetheless scary in its manipulative and backward belief system than it was at its inception.
Funniest thing I ever saw was while working in a computer lab while in University and beside me was a mormon boy and his mom looking through a mormon website picking out girls that would be good for him to marry. That was too much. Aparently morminism teaches young men to avoid finding a free thinking young woman but rather some bred for breeding brainwashed little girl that can be manipulated and coerced to ensure continued mormonism. If are cognitively deficient and the remainder of your brain function has been severely manipulated it is pretty hard to not be a zombie of mormonism.
by Joseph Smith the cult leader September 07, 2006
A way of living where only those things that you don't like can possibly be stupid, and anything you do must be right and therefor not stupid, no matter how idiotic and ridiculous it really is.
Moronism encompasses closed-mindedness, hipocrisy, racism, and ignorance, and usually a follower of Moronism shows at least two of the above.
If someone (let's say he's a white guy) tells it's wrong to marry someone of another race but secretly has a girlfriend who's black.

If someone opposes something for no reason, and even if someone proves him wrong 600 different ways he still won't even think of changing his mind.
by El Eduardo November 21, 2004