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(also shortened to 'yard) Noun representing sexual intercourse
I'd take her to the boneyard...
yeah, we've been around the 'yard... Is this the front yard or the Boneyard?
by ahahnn August 11, 2003
Soft drink made by mixing of all the different kinds of sodas at the fountain. Also see: jersey turnpike
My obsession with mixed drinks springs from drinking graveyards as a kid.
by kapoleon October 13, 2004
The best part of a 24 hour day. The sun gets old after the first 15 years, time for some night life! Darkness is when everything from robbery, drag racing, sex and other fun things happen. Without night we would all be really really tan and we can't have that.
Dude, I love the night, not alot of good shows on but still it fucking rules.
by Oz January 17, 2005
Britney Spear's career
Wow britney spears sucks
by The Truth January 13, 2005
i assume that if you're looking up horny you're probably horny in some way, hence the first example.

what happens to me after reading anything.

the state i am in after reading the above definitions.

desiring sex or a wanting to masturbate.

see ganting or randy
Warning to all males!
The following example may make you horny, so if you're in a public place where someone might see your bone, refrain from reading by clicking the red x at the top right corner of your window. Thank you, and enjoy if you're already horny.

The lecture about rocket thrusters and heat transfer makes me really horny, my rocket expanding due to increased o fuel flow, so I remove my rocket from it's secret lair in my pants. My rocket science teacher gives me a glare and walks over to me. But instead of yelling at me like I thought she would, she says seductively, "Let me lubricate your rocket for you," and starts to unbutton her blouse. As soon as she removes all of her clothes, she takes off my jeans and my boxers as I caress and lick her tits. Staring up at me with a look of bestial lust, she started to pump my rocket in and out of her mouth, sweet and moist, faster and faster. The feeling of my rocket in her mouth are insane. But soon she can't contain herself any longer, so she pushes me onto my back on the table, straddling her beautiful body on my hips. I guide my rocket into her spaceport, and she starts to bob her spaceport up and down my rocket on top of the table, moaning and purring with ecstasy. Her back arches, as the rhythm and tactile pleasure increases tenfold again and again and again and again as my rocket thrusts in and out of her spaceport, the oily lubricant of her spaceport facilitating the euphoric sensations in my rocket. Her spaceport moving ever faster up and down my rocket, she sighs and groans gradually become louder and louder every second until she begins to scream breathily in heaving gasps, "OOOUUHH GOOOOOD, YEAAAA, OOOUUHHH! OOOUUHHH YEAAAA! ENTER MY SPACEPORT! DRIVE IT HARDER AND HARDER! HARDER!! OOOUUHHH! OOOUUHHH! OOOUUHH YEAAAA!" The friction between her spaceport rubbing against my rocket becomes unbearably blissful. The pleasure is too much: whitish fuel leaves my rocket in a violent starburst of infinite ecstasy. After that, I am not so horny and my rocket falls back to earth, it's engine and thrusters limpid from exhaustion and stress. I hope this example made you horny, because it certainly made me horny writing it.

Reading defs and writing this def on horny made me so horny I made sweet love to the copying machine.
by i swear to god i'm not crunk October 27, 2005
A common mispelling of "masturbation" used by retarded twelve year olds who are neglected by their parents and listen to Linkin' Park.
"Masterbating" is for pre-pubescent morons who don't know what "masturbation" is.
by The Observer May 06, 2003
tombstones are tranquilizers.
"He sells tombstones"
"She was fcked up on tombstones and oc's."
by L0VE December 09, 2005

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