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Thesaurus for blow motion

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for blow motion

Short for welcome back.
Person 1: Okay, I'm back.
Person 2: Weba :D
Person 1: Thanks. C:
by iHateYouAllx June 23, 2011
36 13
When two chicks both have their pussies over-flowed with Caesar dressing while scissoring one another.
Candy: Lisa, did you eat out Evelyn last night?

Lisa: No, we just Caesar Squeezed.

Candy: Shit, I gotta try that; everyone is doing that now!
by Jake Handleeeeeer August 21, 2008
134 127
Anal wristing performed by an amputee, whilst shouting," om nam Shebai om nam, Shebai...Khaaali Maaa!!!" Any residual fecal matter left on the "Nub"" would then be ingested by the receiver. Some people may or may not have lost the appendage from stealing, thus forced to wipe and eat with the same hand.
Dude, after my incredibly unfortunate smelting accident, I have been getting sooo much tail. The other day this gal wanted me to bust out the Muslim Brownie...so I lubed up my nub and she took it in the Bahgdad.
by greatmute January 18, 2009
16 70
the act of taking a nutty log on one's glasses with intent to scratch lenses due dump's nutiness
i owe my girl new glasses because the nutty professor fucked her lenses up
by Aaron Karlsruher October 27, 2007
4 16
(v, adj)
Short for LIVE the Dream. An expression that one must thoroughly live out. Living the Dream is not common, and is most commonly expressed by college students on vacations. Not everyone can LTD.
mexico, baker hall, pool bars.

Q: What didyou do this weekend?
A: Went to In N Out..LTD!
by Jenny Goldberg March 03, 2008
125 50
The future of the NFL. This underrated beastly linebacker was drafted in the second round out of Michigan, and has been one of the greatest draft picks in New York Jets history. In his rookie season, he took over the place of pro bowler Jonathan Vilma and led the Jets in tackles. Lawrence Taylor and Dick Butkus look up to David Harris.
Jake: Who is leading the Jets in tackles this season?

Jeff: Obviously David Harris.
by JJJJAAAAKKKEEEE September 20, 2008
83 8