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Thesaurus for benzedrine

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Amphetamines AKA Speed:

Street Names:
Fet, Powder, White, Whizz, Fettle, Throttle and Base (and various other slang names that are made up by people because they sound catchy)

Type: Psychomotor Stimulant

Cost: Can vary, usually £10 a gram but if your dealer isn't a complete dick head he should make it cheaper the more you buy off him.

Appearance: Often sold as a white/yellow powder, once cut it's a paste and always seems stronger when fresh, it drys to powder if left a day or two. (Also sold in tablet form)

Method of taking: There's a few ways of taking this drug, it just depends what you have at hand:
Bombing: Were the user puts the powder in a folded cigarette paper and twists it shut making it look like a bomb, the bomb is then swallowed. This is the safest method of taking Speed

Dabbing: Were the user takes the speed by licking his finger, dabbing it in the powder and swallowing it. This method is also concidered safe but it can give you a sore throat and cause swelling.

Snorting. The user makes a fine line out of the powder using a credit card or razor blade, then gets a straw or roles up a piece of paper and uses that snort it up his/her nose. This can be harmful to your nose and cause unpredictable nose bleeds.

Injecting: Where the user prepares the powder by disolving it in a teaspoonful of water, boling it by a naked flame under the spoon and putting it into the syringe. This is a very dangerous way of taking any drug, theres risk of infections such as H.I.V (yes you can catch it from a white person) or Hepatitus. also theres risk of Overdose.

Smoking: The powder can be mixed in with a role up but in all honesty this is a shit way of taking the drug.

Effects: The time you take to come up can vary. it can take 20 - 45 min if you dab or bomb it, almost instant if you inject, smoke or snort it. It can make the user feel a bit nauseous but that doesnt last long, the user starts to feel euphoric and talkative with an unbelievable energy upgrade, you can walk for miles (and other constructive exercises) and not feel a thing, you do everything faster which spins everyone around. It also gives the user Insomnia and you can go days without the desire to sleep. You no longer feel the need for food and that loss of appetite can last until the end of the come down. You can make it last as long as you want if you have the powder to keep you going, but when you stop you should start to come down about 4 - 6 hours later, the come down is basically like a hangover and the extent of them can also vary, the user would feel drained and depressed. Males will get temparary shrinking of the penis while the speed is in their system.

Advice: If you want to try the drug always take it with an experienced friend and don't take anymore than a gram because the first few times you use it can cause stomach upset.

What to do if a friend Overdoses: You can't fatally Overdose on Amphetamines, it is possible if you inject it though, if your friend takes to much and complains about stomach upset theres nothing you can really do exept try to chill them out. Do NOT take a bath if your uncomfortable as that will get your circulation going and you will come up more which is a handy piece of advice if you don't want to come down. If the user is in serious pain, call an ambulance, tell the paramedics exactly what they had or as much as you can tell them, you can only get in trouble if you get caught with drugs on you so stash them or something. Remember to keep hydrated when your up.

Finch's advice: This is a great drug, Class B so it's not as bad as some other drugs, it gives you confidence and better stamina from all the exercise. And to all you fat cunts out there this is a drug for you, it stops you eating, shrinks your stomach and makes you want to get off your fat ass and do something EG: Cure cancer, save timmy from the well or just have wild sex........THESE ARE CALLED MISSIONS :D. Have fun, don't get ripped off and for fucks sake don't let your parents catch you doing it.

Addictiveness\Health Implications: After using this drug a while you could get rather dependant on it (read about Judy Garland) and it can lead to mental problems such as depression and psychosis. long term abuse (taking it everyday or as much as you can for months) can fuck up your stomach lining and possibly thin your arteries leading to internal bleeding. Light and infrequent use is relatively harmless though so go out and get fettin :D

Lets go on a fet mish!!!! :P
by Finch February 27, 2005
cool 50's youth culture. Wore berets and polo necks. Hung out in coffee shops playing bongos and reciting poetry and experimenting with marijuana.Pre-dates the hippie movement by about 10-15 years.
Alen Ginsberg and Jack Keruoac were beatniks. Man, they were some cool cats!
by loco weed April 24, 2003
The only disease which people can be yelled at/criticized for.
You may here someone yell "Damnit, you're an alcoholic!" but you'll never here someone say "Damn you, you have Cancer!"
by Kazera August 22, 2006
to have sex
yo dogg, jennifer let me beat last night
by e.s. July 11, 2003
white boys with the blues.

primarily in the late 1950's and early 60's.

very influential movement.
author jack kerouac is one of the so-called "founders" of the beat generation.
by ghettostarchild September 17, 2007
1. An early form of modern jazz.
2. The name of Spike and crew's spaceship in Cowboy Bebop (an anime).
3. The name of one of Shredder's henchmen (the mutant boar) in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon (1980s) and anime (1996).
Bop and bebop are the same kind of music.

Bebop: I'm glad they didn't use that brain switcher thing on Rocksteady and me.
Shredder: Don't worry, you can't switch something that isn't there.
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
A tourist who visits the Jersey shore from Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, or New York (or anywhere near these places.) These tourists pollute the beaches and are rude to the local.
Go home bennies. Locals only.
by somekids March 27, 2005
The medical name for Crystal Meth / Ice / Glass / Jib / Crank.
After The Urinalisis we concluded that the person was under the influence of many drugs one being Bezedrine.
by Jimbo October 22, 2003
90 or so miles of coastline in central California defined by Highway 1. Here idiot tourists drive too slow and hang out of cars with their cameras because they are too lazy to stop or pull over so others can get by. These same dumb tourists will ask the same exact question to anyone they encounter who resembles a local. Locals hate tourists, but understand that their money is necessary for the communities survival.

Big Sur has no "town" and is inhabited by an unhealthy mix of zinged out hippies, alcoholics, tweekers, bridge people, pot growers, illegal Mexicans, a token black guy, and locals who think they are priveleged and entitled although they can't make it in the "real world."

And if you are looking for the real Big Sur, you want to find it right next to the Poison Oak growery above which baby condors circle for prey.
Experiencing Big Sur is ideal when the fair-weather tourist crowd stays home for the winter.

The best surfbreak in Big Sur is called Fullers, and is found just north of Grimes Point, south of the Henry Miller Library, and the trail down is across from a large parking area that usually has dirt and construction material in it.
by Runkle in your bunkle December 16, 2008
To utterly embarrass oneself by formally by hosting a public event of such embarrassing insensitivity that it offends all parties involved.
We totally burroughsed our prom. That party was a total burroughs.
by Burrou May 03, 2009