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Thesaurus for beach-bum

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for beach-bum

A word that americans use to address each other. Particularly stoners, surfers and skaters.
dude, i'm like......dude
by Foyf January 28, 2003
7306 1523
the guy at a party who greets you at the door saying "yo bro, want a bud light"
brohanians barter in bud light, its their currency
by apathyislethal April 08, 2006
3 3
A high school or college student who does little else than cut classes and smoke weed. Usually has long, straight hair and a proclivity toward heavy metal bands of the 70's and 80's. Can often be found in smoke-filled bathrooms and makeshift basement bars.
He used to be a jock but now he's such a burnout!
by Tim L. May 08, 2003
974 352
A place were you pay 60 dollars for torn Jeans.
Jay- "oh dang I got a great big hole in my jeans"
Ted- "Dang That sucks. How did that happen?"
Jay- "I bought them that way"
Ted- "cool"
by RMJ August 12, 2005
3697 1002
someone who is extremely hot
by Anonymous February 22, 2003
240 78
1. Any good looking guy who has lived on the beach their entire childhood.

2. Someone who lives for the beach.

3. A beach boy.
"Wow that kolar is cute."
"Ohh what a kolar."
"I'm the coolest kolar on the beach."
by Jake Hollister March 22, 2010
20 6
A total douche who shows off his muscles like the guy in the Iron Gym commercial.
Person A: "Man, I just lifted like a thousand pounds."
Person B: "You're a total muscle man."
by Mrbiginpants January 18, 2009
23 13
Someone who believes (1) any problem can be fixed by smoking marijuana, and (2) any activity is more enjoyable whilst stoned.
John: "Hey man, wanna hang out?"
Pothead: "Yeah sure, you wanna smoke a bowl?"
John: "I dunno man, my throat's been kinda sore lately."
Pothead: "Oh that's ok, a bowl will fix that."
John: "Really? Well I've got this Government test tomorrow too, so I probably shouldn't smoke."
Pothead: "Pot makes studying easier. You'll enjoy the subject more!"
John: "You're full of shit. Next you'll tell me weed can fix my chronic back pain and I should get high before visiting my grandma in the nursing home."
Pothead: "I'm glad you understand now. Got a lighter?"
by Rupert S. Pottingham January 18, 2006
2983 734
Slang for somebody who smokes cannabis, often. Most people would talk them down as if they are better, though they often consume poisons such as alcohol and caffeine. Stoners are generally a friendly minority, peaceful, and harmless. The arrogant people bitching about them smoking marijuana, they are usually bigger problems then the people they denounce.
Darn, those stoners are lucky they got high before seeing Lord Of The Rings.
by A.E. December 29, 2003
9476 2115
A person who feels like a bad day in the water is ten times better than a good day out of it.
by ripcurlgirl September 15, 2004
682 207