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1) Aged. Can be referring to something alive or nonliving.

2) Outdated.

3) No longer funny.
1) My fifth-grade elementary teacher was old when I was in her class, and presumably hasn't gotten any younger since I left.

2) The Nintendo 64 is old, but I still use it more than my GameCube.

3) Jokes about Jim Mora (Sr.) whining about his miserable Colts team aren't old yet, despite the fact that he conducted the infamous press conference more than three years ago.
by Diggity Monkeez March 05, 2005
A group of people who is unaware of what is trending now.
People who never heard of anything popular now.
Group of teenagers who never care of anything trending or wear any clothes from any popular stores, Only stuck with any clothes they want to wear and don't care.; Never follows the fashion trends.
Never heard of any top hits.
Is a teenager or kid but acts so old school.
Omg that person is so outdated! She tuck her shirt in, wore mom jeans, and wear dirty tennis shoes and they are not even J's! What is she?! 2005?!
He is so outdated, that he is unaware of anything popular on vine and he didn't even have a smartphone!
by TheUrbanGirlNextDoor November 01, 2014
past the prime; faded or aged
heroine is so passe, weed is the way to go
by nitz January 21, 2004
1. Belonging to the same period of time:
2. Of about the same age.
3. Current; modern: contemporary trends in design.
4. A person of the present age.
Dave and Jen were contemporaries.
by Kevin December 07, 2004
sea wind
Proffesor: The current here is stronk

Student : the fuck is a current?

Proffesor: sea wind.
by budi budi March 03, 2014
1: Something that is past it's prime or popularity. Out of style.
2: Used when saying someone you formerly dated.
1: Leggings are so dated.
2: Chelsea dated Matt for two years, until she cheated and he broke up with her.
by Maybelline October 06, 2007
When you spend a lot of money on the latest clothes and accessories, thinking it makes you look good, but actually you look like a cunt.
He's a bit fashionable, yeah.
by Korruptor February 28, 2011
Opposite of being Fresh.

Synonyms: Over, Done
After singing the little mermaid for 3 hours and annoying everyone, Chris was finished.
by em August 04, 2003
mdo is a suffix meaning "my dick off." It is used by appending the first letter of a gerund in order to create an acronym that signifies one is going all out to complete a task. It works on the basis of hyperbole by stating that one is working so hard on something that it somehow causes their dick to fall off.
Possible uses could include:

wmdo = writing my dick off
pmdo = presenting my dick off/proofreading my dick off/partying my dick off
amdo = animating my dick off
smdo = sleeping my dick off

...With infinite possibilities
by Friar Sloth November 06, 2010
Modern, in this respect, suggests a person, commonly a female, and more commonly of Sino-Asian lineage, who accepts, or at least doesn't readily condemn, Western ideals as they pertain to sociability, relationships, sex, and so on.
Often spoken in contrast to the more closed-minded, Traditional type.
Suzie is a modern Chinese girl. She's discovered the pleasures of sensuality, is open-minded about sex BEFORE love, and enjoys casual dating.
by Tom Laoshi July 27, 2005

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