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Thesaurus for alcoheimers

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for alcoheimers

n. the suggestive pictures and prose used in beer, wine and liquor ads
Jose Contreras: Why is that beer bottle shaped like a naked woman??
Bruce Lee: Typical alcoporn dude
by benny b from the bronx May 10, 2006
n. a woman who can walk into a bar completely broke and get completely drunk
Jose Contreras: Jesus, that dress is tight... and she doesn't have a purse! What the hell is she doing in a bar?
Bruce Lee: Taking advantage of desperate males, she's a barlot you idiot
by benny b from the bronx May 10, 2006
Someone who attends AA for the soul purpose of getting laid.

Someone who has a lot of time in AA who sexually prays on newcomers.
That hot newcomer chick is gonna get trolled by that pervy 13 stepper.

That cougar is a 13 stepper, praying on freshly sober young dudes.
by wikkdkitty September 02, 2007
(verb) The act of waking up, espically in the late morning or any portion of the afternoon, and finishing off any alcoholic beverege remains from the previous, exceptionally drunken, evening.

Why is this phrase such a perfect explaination of the incident it refers to? Well, to bayonett a wounded person is paradoxically both wicked and compassionate. On the one hand, the dude is already hurting, and to bayonett him/her (for all you politicaly correct assholes) is essentually just kicking him/her while he/she is down. On the other hand, if you kill a wounded party by bayonetting him/her one could liken it to putting a hurt race horse out of its misery.

As you gather up those cups/glasses/cans/bottles the next day, it is safe to assume you're hurting similarly to the afore mentioned wounded dude (I refuse to add dudette even if I am being politically incorrect). On the one hand, more beer/liquer/wine/mixed drink/anything containing alcohol (shit, even NyQuill) will aleviate your shakes/headache/feeling of impending death. On the other, you'll just get drunk again, only this time on something room temperature that is likely to contain backwash of friends, people you pretend to be friends with even though they're irritating, people you have never met, but somehow have been in your house numerous times, that slut who was getting laid in your bathroom, the neighbor's dog, and quite possibly, your mom, and postpone the incredible discomfort.
I woke up with my shoes on and stumbled, still somewhat intoxicated, to the bathroom. On my way back to bed from the kitchen, where I had gone for a much-neededglass of water, I found a homeless man sleeping on my couch. I immediately realized that sobering up would be nothing more than a colassal exercise in futility, and proceeded to trade my water for the nearest leftover booze. I spent the remainder of my afternoon and evening bayonetting the wounded with some homeless dude whom I've never seen again.
by megalomaniacal girl February 02, 2007
n. a group of heavy drinkers
Jose Contreras: Looks like the blackout brigade just walked in
Bruce Lee: Please! I could outdrink that whole group of p*ssyf*cks!!
by benny b from the bronx May 10, 2006
n. a type of shot likely to come back up
Jose Contreras: slurring One more!! Gimme wonnnnn more!!!!
Bruce Lee: I'm not giving you a damn bungle-shot, what's the point??
by benny b from the bronx May 10, 2006
n. a reformed drunkard
Jose Contreras: Why isn't Brian drinking??
Bruce Lee: He's a 12 stepper now, didn't you hear?
by benny b from the bronx May 10, 2006
Self defined temporary bi-sexual status visited upon an otherwise totally straight guy to excuse the fact that everybody knows last weekend, after 8 pints, a pill and some unsuccessful attempts to score some ass, he went back with a gay guy to get his cock sucked.

Usually when said beer queer gets a NEW girlfriend his new found minority status will fly back into the closet so bloody fast it ends up in fucking Narnia, probably never to be seen again!
Malcom's started telling everyone he's bi since he went home with John, but he was only bloody beer queer!
by ..WiL May 15, 2005
The look a drunk gets when he spies someone he's always hated but was always too sober to fight.
Jose Contreras: Shit man, are you sporting kamikaze eyes for that asshole?
Bruce Lee: Not applicable. I kicked the living shit out of him sober already.
by benny b from the bronx August 17, 2007
determining where you drank last night by examining your collection of matchbooks and credit card receipts; also known as following the caper trail.
Bruce Lee: What in God's name are you looking for?
Jose Contreras: Just doing some pocket forensics. I was allegedly quite boisterous last night but I don't recall being in public.
by benny b from the bronx August 17, 2007