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Thesaurus for absorbanent

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for absorbanent

Another term for WHITE TRASH straight from the ghetto trailer park....
Yo that girl is straight Dub T.
by Kim and Marco January 30, 2004
too much, over the top, extra,
"Paris Hilton has 17 dogs, now THAT'S excessive!!"
"You brought all those clothes for the grad trip?? Thats really excessive, especially since we're only here for 3 days!!"
"Adding that scarf to your outfit would make it more excessive then it already is!!"
"woah!!Your wearing an excessive amount of makeup!!"
by Britt A. June 22, 2008
Someone who has to look up "stupid" in the dictionary because they don't know what it means.
You are stupid.
by Janis June 25, 2004
People who think they're cool but can't spell, let alone write a sentence that makes sense. Simply scroll through the comments. There are lots of them!
Uneducated is someone who spells "urban" as "erbun".
by Easy Writer January 24, 2009