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is scottish slang for what are you doing?
bob:nothing yourself?
by wee_jonny_cee October 23, 2006
Quite Possibly the most useless internet/chat abbreviation known to man. 'nm' can be short for one of two things, 'Never mind' and 'Nothing much'.
Commonly misinterpreted by users, the abbreviation can be harmful, even fatal.
'Hey fag! You best not have spent all my money. What did you spend it on?'
'Well I do fucking mind you worthless shit! It’s my bling! Ima come around and cut your balls off and put them in your mouth!'

The previous was a common occurrence where Person B merely stated that he had not wasted much Person A's money, however, he got dead because he used the vague term, 'nm'.
by J-Dogg January 30, 2005
What you been up to?
-not much u?
by Anon May 03, 2005
What you up to?
What are you up to?
What are you doing?
hey, wuu2?
nm, u?
by in5 & jono May 08, 2004
Yupty is a Scottish word that is a short version of the sentence, "What are you up to?".
"Yupty today?"

"What are you up to today?"
by Joanne n Marisha April 29, 2008