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Third tier toilet. Generally used by loser dorks on xoxohth.com as a pejorative term for law schools that are not prestigious, aka Top 14 law schools. To the faggots on xoxohtm.com, a law school is either a TTT or a Top 14 school, there is no in-between.
Vanderbilt Law School is ranked #17 according the US News and World Report, but it is still a TTT because it isn't in the Top 14; it doesn't matter how close a school's ranking is to the top 14, if it is not in the Top 14, it is automatically a TTT.
by Harvard Law wannabe December 30, 2005
noun: one who is assured admittance to school x, most typically law school x. popularized by the most prestigious law school admissions discussion board.
With a 175 and a 3.8 GPA, Jim is an autoadmit at GULC.
by syntheticapriori February 26, 2007
Phrase commonly used in online RPGs to signifiy gaining one level of experience.
<gain enough xp to level up>
You: ding!
p1: grats
p2: gratz
p3: wo0t!
p4: WTG!!!!11
p5: wtg
p6: woot

pronunciation: ding (as the word is)
by Stimar February 25, 2003
the fate of attorneys who don't graduate from the top 14 schools or in the top 10% of their class if they are outside of the top 14 schools. you click on legal database software for 12 hours a day without being allowed to take breaks. it is a dead end job with no benefits or chance of advancement. most law students are blissfully unaware that this world even exists, but once they graduate, they become slaves to the doc review mill.
document review at paul weiss ranks just above getting third degree burns on 90% of your body.
by chris the temp February 15, 2006
a well-known forum in the legal community, otherwise known as the sewer where the perverts and racists of xoxohth go to roost after three years of law school, resulting in broken wallets and broken dreams. most of them are either unemployed, sweating it out in unventilated document review basements, or doing toilet ID work. some appear to be dangerously close to "leaving las vegas" levels of despair. to cope, they either threaten suicide, act out their fantasies by pretending to be BIGLAW associates, or talk about scat.
i failed the bar, because i have the i.q. of a lemur, but i blame it all on affirmative action, and now i pass the time talking my inability to control my bowel movements on jdjive.

i can't get a job, so i talk about giving a dirty sanchez to my imaginary secretary on jdjive.
by All-Knowing Monkey June 20, 2006
Prounounced as "Chig-whibt," this is a phrase that stands for "cheerful girls with big tits," the most prestigious sort of girls. Guys that are lucky enough to have a CGWBT girlfriend are envied by their friends.
I like CGWBT. They need not be particularly smart. They do, however, need to be cheerful and have big tits.
by TimothyArcher January 20, 2007
You guys are wrong, its when a man and a woman engage in anal sex, then the man takes his penis and rubs it on the girls upper lip leaving a moustache.
After having anal sex, the man gave the woman a dirty sanchez.
by H. Carl August 20, 2003
The chocolate factory (as in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) of the law profession, where desperate attorneys work for a pittance, like Oompa Loompas working for cacao beans. Except in Insurance Defense, the attorneys don't smile and sing happy songs.
I went to a ttt, and now I do insurance defense. In a sad and cruel twist of fate, I can't even afford the insurance rates of my own clients, so my teeth are rotting away, and the pinched nerve in my groin is making me incontinent.
by Sir Humps a Lot February 05, 2007
A firm of lawyers or a firm of attorneys, both nouns being interchangable.
I was tired of losing my car insurance and paying an arm and a leg so I hired an entire lawfirm for the cost of a cup of coffee a day thanks to lawyerlink.us!
by lawman July 01, 2004
1) A place where stoners and alcoholics can get a graduate degree.

2) An institution where starry eyed idealists have their dreams of upholding justice and benefiting humanity heartlessly destroyed while incurring more debt than a third world country. These poor souls, after three years of brutal Socratic torture and exposure to the cruel reality of the broken justice system and the non-existent job market, come out of law school stoners or alcoholics.
Everyone ends up graduating from law school a stoner or an alcoholic.
by Dirty Rotten Scoundrel January 19, 2007