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Thesaurus for Urban Surfing

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Urban Surfing

Surfing is the most awesome sport in the world. those who dislike it just cant do it
surfing: nothing beats the feeling of catching a wave
by Emma1 October 23, 2005
A caped crusader known for various tactics of defeating crime, including riding on top of cars (also known as Urban Surfing), and kerb-crawling next to suspicious cyclists. Driving at low speed, the Captain reaches out of his car and produces a playmobil telephone to offer to the cyclist, claiming "It's for you-hooooo!"
If said cyclist answers the phone, or rejects it, the captain will identify their criminality, and speed off into the distance, singing "Caaaaaaaaptain Uuuuuuuuniiiiveeeeeeeeeerssssseee!!!"

This term can be used as a noun to describe the superhero, or as a verb to describe his actions of crime-fighting.
Did you see Captain Universe on Oxford Hight Street last night? He was mental! He nearly Captain Universe'd three cyclists in one go!
by Monty S-B November 24, 2010
to balance on a fiberglass board as it is propelled through the water by a wave
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
City-like. From the Latin word "urbs", which means "city".
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
How retarded people spell the word bored.
Keith: "Board tonite call with plans."
Me: "You're retarded."
by urbanwordconnoisseur April 04, 2010
If your only reading up on this because your bored, add a thumbs up!
by Tasha. A. (LoV3) July 10, 2008
What you're reading right now, but without all the assholes, anti-Americans, dumbass n00bs, atrocious grammar, made up words, slang, gibberish, and other crap.
The world is so lazy these days, that instead of reading the dictionary, they wait for the movie.
by Cyberquad April 06, 2004
A vast array of pornography and advertisements.
by Cyclone March 03, 2003
Naval slang, getting out of work, lollygagging
"Man, I skated on that last job"
by Al Brown March 25, 2005