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An amazing actress, singer, and teen sensation. Knocked Miley Cyrus off her pedestal and is the reigning Disney queen. Pretty and talented. Hates by jealous, immature tweens who believe that they will one day marry a Jonas Brother. Also hated by insane 12-year-olds because not only is she one of the most talented 15-year-olds, but because Nick Jonas called her "cute". She is the definition of what a real role model should be.
Kat: Hey, did you hear Miley's new single "7 things"?
Sue: HELLS TO THE NO! I don't listen to that slut! I prefer the more talented Demi Lovato. I just created a definition for her on Urban Dictionary
Kat: really?
Sue: Yep! But jealous tweeny boppers with no lives are gonna give it lots of 'thumbs down'
by Jonas Jonas Jonas July 10, 2008
An overgrown buffed-up midget. He takes so many steroids his penis and balls are about the size of a 2 year old. His tanking skills are absolutely horrible and he gets KO'd by ghjjf, and everytime he calls a pile in vent it makes me want to kill a baby.
My friend thought the muscular person had down syndrome, but I told him it was just an unbrokenxero.
by Steve Jacksonater February 01, 2008
1. (General) Something/Someone that is so good in a particular context that it eclipses saecond place.

2. (Games) A game object or facility that is too good to exist. It is so powerful that it is unbalancing and hence breaks the game. Every winning player has to use this to be competitive.

Entymology: The power cards from Magic The Gathering (Black Lotus, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, all Moxen, etc) were so powerful and unbalancing that they were eventually banned from tournament play because they BROKE the game.
Bobby Fisher is a completely broken chess player.

by Anonymous April 22, 2003
When ones poop is so long and unbroken that it wraps around the inside of the toilet bowl like a snake, hence sidewinder poop.
"There is a sidewinder poop wrapped around the bowl 2 full times."
by sherri421 June 16, 2009

1) When the number Zero is not low enough. You need something even more pathetic.
2) The lack of integrity in ones work
3) Someone who is terrible at PC gaming
1) Everyone called Joe a XERO because he was known to deceive others
2) I am so broke I have XERO cashflow
3) I lost that game so bad my score was a big fat XERO
by AnonymousCALIF June 07, 2013
An antiquated means of distributing music tracks and other audio content, made popular during an era when vinyl discs were used to transport audio recordings. A vinyl disc called a "record" would contain a contiguous set of music from the same or related artists, often composing an overarching theme across multiple, ordered tracks. Later, this medium was replaced by cassette tape and compact disc.

The term has come to describe the release of multiple tracks from the same artist at once, without necessarily a unifying theme or order, and is often merely used to indicate a price discount for a bulk purchase of such audio tracks in digital format.
DMX released a new album this week, which is only 50 cent more expensive than his new single.
by ringmasterow August 28, 2012
Something that is so wonderful, it is hard to find the words to match. Something that makes your heart beat faster or your heart melt. Something that tops everything else, and always crosses your mind.
Everything Alex is and does is amazing to me.
by Renee September 13, 2004
The cutest, sexiest, freakiest, hottest gurl on planet earth. Ghassans Woman. Ghassans Egyptiarican.
Basma is soooo hawt
by Ghassan Idriss June 08, 2004
A cool person. Someone popular for their personality and interests.
"Did you see him? He's so Demi!"
by H-MK-M March 14, 2008

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