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An independent company that creates games for Sony Computer Entertainment America (see sony ). They have created such games as "Ratchet and clank" and "Spyro the dragon".
Insomniac makes games for the playstation game console.
by Colin E June 05, 2005
71 6
The story of a Lombax from planet Veldin who runs into a badly drawn robot that he encountered in a crashed spacecraft. From then on Ratchet (The lombax) starts to hate that robot, but still follows adventure along side of him. On that adventure the Blarg master, Drek plans to make a new planet for the Blarg. Dreks right-hand man Captain Qwark (One of the heroes in the third adventure) tries time and again to eliminate Ratchet and Clank. After Drek is stopped, the second adventure comes. During this one, Captain Qwarks previous humiliation at the feel of Ratchet and Clank drives him into a downfall. He tries to sell fake merchandise, and is arrested for it. After that, Qwark must pay 6 billion bolts (bolts are the money, and 6 billion is a lot coincidering on my Ratchet and Clank 3 file, I have 30 million bolts and ive beeten the game 6 times and have recorded 80 hours of gameplay because I spent 10 hours getting secrets)(There are alot of them, 30 skill points, Hidden bolts, trophies.) Qwark is arrested because of trying to flee to another planet. Ratchet and Clank eventually learn that Qwark flushes himself to freedom out of his prison cell. After that he unleashes a flaw from the "Protopets" (Megacorps (the weapon and gadget company in Ratchet and Clank 3) which are attempted-to-be-perfect pets made by Megacorp. Ratchet encounters another lombax on his journey. She masquerades as who is thought to be the bad guy for the first half of the game. He must save her about 3/4 into the game from a huge robot called "Giganto-Mech". Near the end, Ratchet has to infiltrate the Megacorp HQ and defeat the giant mutated protopet (Final boss). After that is done, Qwark takes all the credit and pisses Ratchet off. After that adventure, Qwarks old nemesis Dr.Nefarious returns to eliminate Qwark. As the game is progressed to a certain point, Nefarious learns that Ratchet's after him. After that is learned, Nefarious makes a "bio-bliterater". That turns anyone into a robot on the planet. At the final destination in that game Ratchet and Clank defeat Nefarious ant the transformed Bio-bliterater (it transformed into a fat humanshape robot that shoots misiles). After that The game ends, the credits roll and glory is the players. The bad news for all gamecube or Xbox players is that the trilogy was only released on the PS2; Ratchet and clank 1 in 2002, Ratchet and Clank 2 in 2003 and Ratchet and clank 3 in November 2004.
Ratchet and Clank is an amazing series with descent plots.
by Nefarious^^ January 27, 2005
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What people say sometimes when they really mean to say "addictive"
Dude 1. That shit is addicting!

Dude 2. The word is ADDICTIVE!
by Nigel Tufnel May 15, 2005
355 63
a compulsive habit that people obtain through repitition.
Eric: Why can't people stop smoking. It isn't that hard. They should have some self control.

Mark: Eric, if its that easy then stop masterbating!!!

Eric: (silence)

Room: (laughing hysterically)
by C. Love July 20, 2004
545 123
Something that is so wonderful, it is hard to find the words to match. Something that makes your heart beat faster or your heart melt. Something that tops everything else, and always crosses your mind.
Everything Alex is and does is amazing to me.
by Renee September 13, 2004
2161 787
Clank can be used as another word instead of the usual, awesome, cool, good, amazing, incredible, radical, mint, class and word to that accord.
Boy 1: 'Woah that Ryan is uber clank'
Boy 2: 'Yeah hes just totally awesome'
Girl 1: ' WOAH!!'
by Ryan Nelbert April 10, 2008
89 51
(v.) To not wear underwear. The origins for this are either "out in the open" or "ready for action". Maybe others.

(n.) A non-stop arnie movie with him jumping from an aeroplance, overturning a porsche, and killing entire armies without a scratch. Far from his best (terminator series, predator and jingle all the way), but better than that cold heat one.
I'm going commando-be afraid- I may bugger you

Ahm gooweeng co-MANDU, be Afreed, I may kill your ahmies.
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
1636 264
When the jury can't agree on a verdict.
Homer: So "if" we get "deadlocked", we'll be "sequestered" at the Springfield Palace Hotel. Where we'll get a free room, free food, free swimming pool, free HBO. Ooh! Free Willy!
by Principal Skinner December 31, 2007
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Best described as a torrent of little children running around in a minefield (users), some armed with weapons (moderators), forums are the flagship of internet discussion, spam, and flame wars.
Smaller forums tend to be more habitable, but the larger ones have many distinct and similar features. For example, within approximately seven seconds of the creation of a topic, you will have at least one reply, garunteed. Large forums also tend to spawn makeshift caste systems within themselves, and you're automatically a malefactor in the forum until you have a 4-digit post count.
A forum can sometimes be helpful, but normally they become a time consuming and frustrating thing if you pay too much attention to them.
I got banned from that forum for being a n00b.
by rtil July 23, 2005
616 98
Shortened form of "Instagram."
e.g. Facebook = FB, Instagram = IG, and so on.
by i-love-food December 21, 2012
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