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Thesaurus for The Strokes

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for The Strokes

One of the sexiest guys in music. The voice, the face, the clothes, the hair..the drinking & smoking!! There is nothing hotter.
by Yassa October 08, 2003
1711 154
guitarist for the strokes. has better hair than you'll ever have in your life time. he is the sex. case in point, he can make the dumbest comment or the stupidest facial expression and you'll still want to have his babies. he owns you.
nick valensi, the definition of sex.
by n.s. January 04, 2004
483 52
Franco-Russian soft-haired and soft-spoken bassist for the Strokes. Often found in the background of photos and obscured by a lot of hair. Has great taste in literature and a heart of gold. Plays chess and Trivial Pursuit.
I met Nikolai Fraiture and we talked about how "Crime and Punishment" was actually inferior to "The Devils."
by Maria Varela November 15, 2003
214 35
the very talented ,(and might i add very attractive)drummer of the legendary band The Strokes he was born on June 2nd 1979 in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. His background is italian. He has a tendency for alcohol preferably 'white russians' He gets along famously with The Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas. He also likes to swear alot.
hey do you know who fabrizio moretti is? Of course i do dude hes that totally hip drummer from The Strokes
by Kiki Casblancas April 13, 2006
198 108
Ruined by MTV
We must save music
by Shaq November 07, 2003
10853 996
used to defeat scissors in a game
aha! my rock beat your scissors!
by iamthelead January 23, 2005
5128 866
Guitarist for The Strokes, also has the best fashion sense and afro of any man alive. During guitar solos he practically has an orgasm. It makes for a nice show.
I want to do Albert Hammond Jr.
by eltonjohn May 27, 2006
120 30
A birlliant rock duo that emphasizes minimalism and economy, focusing on a unique Blues-Punk fusion.

Influences include Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan, MC5 and Robert Johnson.
The White Stripes rock so hard.
by Dave Bernstein July 17, 2003
657 83
one of the nicest guys ever. Is known for slow-dancing with fans on thier birthday, and even giving someone $50 for a cab ride home. Is increadibly goreous and very sweet.
Fab brings the rock.
by marissa April 23, 2004
203 27
"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over the garbage can and says 'That's Punk?', and I say 'No that's trendy!
npunk is ot emo, not pop, not poop.
by loserksjfdfds September 11, 2005
11381 2665