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Thesaurus for Soak it

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Soak it

When the penis is put in the vagina but there is no pumping or thrusting, so it seems less like sex. Preferred form of premarital sex for mormons.
She didn't wanna have sex but she let me soak for 20 minutes.
by blamo212299 May 27, 2010
to hang out the window of a moving car and swear at pedestrians on the street
hey man roll down the window im about to go basting (hangs head out the window) HEY FUCK YOU
by shants November 23, 2006
There are many comfortable things to sit on. Somtimes there's a box with moving images on it. You don't have to talk to anyone and people don't bug you. Somtime you get sent outside though. Look up outside for more info.
Please let me go inside now.
by Adam Sownie April 22, 2005
an inside joke; its a joke that's shared only between a couple of people, and makes no sense to people that don't know the meaning
keep it in your feet
the tasty snack
yes please
i've got your nose mr. anderson

(these are some of the insiders i have with my friends)
by mirmyo October 06, 2005
to place ur penis in a girls vagina, and not move in and out.
The girl was not to have sex, but was alowed to do SOAKING, because it was not the same as sex.
by ...a...s March 19, 2006
to place one's penis in a woman's vagina in an effort to curb your sexual desires
Dick has been soaking it in Jane for quite awhile now.
by Geophree Godnam February 11, 2006
a funny retort when someone gets slightly injured
Bob darn ive hit my thumb
Tom go soak it incider.
by j r lang January 06, 2008