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Thesaurus for Sharia

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Sharia

A religion of perpetual outrage and violence. It's followers have a dangerous preoccupation with death.
They keep saying Islam means peace, but that was a misspelling, for piece. Like they want a piece of you me and everyone who isn't a Muslam!
by AngelaWest September 17, 2006
Somebody who goes to live in other peoples countries but refuses to integrate with or tolerate their way of life. At the same time they demand we tolerate them and make all the changes to accomodate their stoneage way of life.

Not all muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are muslims.

Great Britain - Love it or leave it.
(parasite of a state)
Something a dumbass refers to as the proper term "Muslim".
The Islamic guy beat the shit out of the guy who called him the "Islamic Guy".
by S7EVIN September 12, 2006
like a chess club, but without chess and without a club. But with strapping C4 to yourself and blowing up innocent people.
If only those Jihad could learn to use remote controls they could stand far away and make explosions.
Stupid Mother-fuckers.
by Zacharoo March 25, 2003
permissible, allowed according to Islamic Law, which is based on Holy Qur'an and Hadith (traditions of Prophet Muhammad). The opposite is Haram, or prohibited. May refer to food or actions.
1. Some Muslims eat Kosher food when a Halal option is not available.

2. There is disagreement among Muslim scholars as to whether music is halal or haram.
by El Oaxuco August 08, 2007
An attempt by the Islamic community, which is involved in the UN, to wrest humanity of its right to free speech and criminalize those who publicly oppose Islam.
The Sharia Law will be a binding resolution if passed for all countries in the United Nations!

Really? Then we have to do something to stop it from infringing upon our constitutional rights!
by nickrd182 March 17, 2009
1. Christians and Jews (and sometimes others) in traditional Islamic empires. They had a recognized but very subordinate legal status.

2. Zeropian politicians who kowtow to political Islam, as in Chiraqistan.
In France, the elite are all dhimmis.
by octopod April 29, 2004
Islam, when fully implemented, is a system of government (the Caliphate), marked by centralization of authority under a dictator (the Caliph), stringent socioeconomic controls (Sharia law) , suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship (the system of dhimitude for Non-muslims) , and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism (Jihad) and racism (Islamic supremecy).
At the heart of the Islamic religion is the mandate to its believers to submit the entire world under the rule of Islamo-fascism.
by VinceP1974 January 01, 2008
When an individual spits into the mouth of a person deemed a lesser being, for there sins/lack of competence
1 - Landlord : you have not payed, taste Jizya bitch!

2 - Mom : Have you done your homework son?

Son : No, thus I will prepare to taste Jizya

3 - Son: Dad! I've found an injured magpie in the garden

Dad : Make it taste Jizya my boy
by PrettyPantieBoy February 17, 2014
The defintion of this word has been removed since it has been deemed unlawful to display it in public domain, under ammendment 15th to the convention treaty of 1987.

See section 7B for further details.
<censored> has recently been used against the <censored> in order to demonstrate the <censored> of <censored>.
by Walex December 10, 2003