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person who pilages another mans anus
those two guys are butt pirates
by nick swenson May 15, 2003
one who digs for burried treasure by inserting his penis inside his partners anus and prodding around
Albert was the most notorious ass pirate in the city, all homosexuals came to him for advice.
1) One, usually male, who engages in anal sex with another male, but who exhibits ninja-like speed, agility, or cunning during fornication.
2) A mostly derogotory term in the non-homosexual vernacular, something one straight man would say to degrade or embarass another. See also Butt Pirate or Ass Jockey.
1) We just kept moving from position to position, it was like he was some sort of bum ninja!
2) Oh man, what are you? Some bum ninja? Take a drink!
by Samchancho September 14, 2005
1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.
2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.
" Look at that fag riding that Harley."
"Why are these fags always so loud."
by InfSonic November 04, 2009
In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual mostly used insteap of calling somebody stupid or a loser.
Ralph: Chris hasn't been answering his phone.
John: Yeah, he is probably hanging out with those other kids thats why.
Ralph: He is such a faggot.
John: Yeah him and his faggot friends.
by Matt March 17, 2005
word used on family guy on 9/24/05. used in the context as fanny bandit is the spanish word for homosexual. Peter, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire are stuck on an island, and decide to have an orgy. Long scene short they dont go through with is becuase they dont get "excited" then a ship pulls up and you hear.....
Cruise announcer: And if you look of the left side of the ship you'll see a bunch of homosexuals.

Cruise announcer (in Spanish): A la izquierdo del barco podemos ver los 'fanny bandits'
by TheRiscGroup October 10, 2005
1. jovial or happy, good-spirited

2. a homosexual male or female

3. often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate. originating from homophobia. quite preferable among many teenage males in order to buff up their "masculinity"
1. "We'll have a gay old time."

2. "You DO know he's gay. Notice his homoerotic pornography collection."

3. "Man, these seats are gay. I can't even see what's going on!"
by anonymous January 02, 2004
queer: Originally pejorative for gay, now being reclaimed by some gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons as a self-affirming umbrella term. Caution: still extremely offensive when used as an epithet.

by dijjn June 04, 2003
the race with the hottest girls.
i bang asian girls.
by Mr.Sir June 22, 2007
An escapade but involving people who are general asses. Escapades are cool, but the presence of asses turns it into an asscapade, which is decidedly not cool. Note that normally cool people can turn into asses when drinking, thus making any outing an asscapade.
Sharon:I was going to go to movies, but with Bob and Dylan there its going to be a total asscapade
by Caitie D March 19, 2008

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