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the most sexy girls in the world live in bulgaria.
bulgaria equals paradise
by Todor Hristov January 26, 2004
Very shity music made by Bulgarian low-inteligent musiciants adicted to low-quality alcohol and preformed by guipsies and retarded whors(most often blond).The lyrics are cheesy and doesn't ring any all
(translation of a chalga lyr)
Oh bathroom,oh joy
the village bathroom is the greatest joy!
by Victor 6taigata February 20, 2005
very beautiful woman. turns heads. occasionally is told the opposite. she tends to fall with the wrong crowds.
comes from a very intellegent
family with outstanding morals.
is sometimes shy and gets offended easily.
she sometimes puts up with peoples shit but sometimes dosent.
a girl that needs people to be there for her.
someone who is smart.
she will make sure you never forget her.
very loving kind and sweet
likes hawian food
damn! sofia is so hot, why is she with that jerk?
by go dream January 15, 2009
The cause of, and solution to all life's problems.
To ALCOHOL: The cause of, and solution to all life's problems.
by Matt J September 06, 2005
Beautiful is a woman who has a distinctive personality, one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, who is especially kind and caring to others. She is a woman who above all else knows the value of having fun, and not taking life too seriously. She is a woman that you can trust and count on to brighten your day. She is a woman who can inexplicably make you feel really good just by being around her, and yet brings such great sadness when she is gone. She is a woman who I will never really get to know.
Virginia is a beautiful woman!
by Your friend forever July 20, 2005
Rakaia is a girl whose looks can be deceiving. She may seem nice and innocent, but inside she is one party animal full of mischief and fun. She has unbelievable beauty like a model and has the best legs. Rakaia has amazing fashion and loves to show it off. She deffinately knows how to strut her stuff the right way to get the boys attention. All Rakaia's are stunners. Rakaia will get along with almost about anyone but they can be catty at times when they stand up for themselves. She will not back down to anyone. She can stay in a committed relationship and are rarely single. Rakaia is a dedicated hard worker in school and strives for excellence. She lives life to the fullest!
by Dafadil October 29, 2013
The Balkans is another way to describe southeast Europe. The region has a combined area of 728,000 km² and a population of around 53 million.The region's name comes from the Balkan mountains which run through the centre of Bulgaria into eastern Serbia.

The region's principal nationalities in the balkans are:
Greeks 11.5 million
Turks 9.2 million (European part of Turkey, Istanbul)
Serbs and Montenegrins 8.9 million
Bulgarians 7 million
Albanians 6 million (2 million of them living in Kosovo, Serbia)
Croats 4.5 million
Bosnians 2.4 million
Macedonians 1.4 million
by Dragan October 07, 2005
Bulgarian Style.
The style by which Bulgarians live their care free life. Strong Coffee, Eating lots of cheese (Bulgarian, not Greek Feta-that stuff sucks), Dancing to any music, including Chalga, Driving diesel cars, Parking on sidewalks, Making your own Rakia even if you live in the suburbs. Keep chickens roaming in your yard even if you live in suburbia (this means your crazy Dedo (Grandfather) is living in your house and telling perverted stories about everyone he knows who is female.
Having fun loving drunks around all the time.
Having "uncles" and "cousins" around all the time and not knowing how they are your family but it really doesn't matter because they are.
Drinking a lot. Eating even more. Crying a lot. Laughing even more.
Black leather jackets and track pants.
Short skirts, real boobs, long nails, lots of perfume and smoking.
A lot of smoking.
Smoking in retail stores while techno is booming. Drinking anywhere.
Duck taped anything and everything.
Toothpick is your best after dinner mint.
Walking in a mountain in the winter and approaching a bar that's open even though no one is there.
Cured meat. Rakia. Salad. Sweaty Cheese. More rakia. More meat. Family. Friends. Smokes. A couple more beers.
"Dude, that car is parked on the sidewalk. That's BG Style".
"Yo, Dad and I got so drunk last night. BG Style."
"Can I borrow some BG Style slippers?"
"Dude, my brother still lives at home with my parents. They party together all the time...BG Style".
"Radio Vitosha is non stop music. Techno non stop non stop...BG Style"
by Ms.BG July 10, 2008

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