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Thesaurus for Nightwish

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Nightwish

A type of music characterized by it's cacophonous wall of sound and accelerated tempo which is achieved through distorted electric guitars playing fast-paced riffs, with the driving drumbeat often utilizing hypersonic double bass rhythms and emphasizing the continuous pumping action, the bass guitar is often playing similar to the guitar, but more with the drums, so as to add to the overall heavyness and depth. It can manifest in many different forms and the spectrum of intensity is usually quite varied. From slow and heavy melodic grooves, to complex and precise blinding rhythms, odd time changes, and sheer brutality.. metal comes in many shapes and sizes. One common trait of metal is to have vocals dealing with dark subject matter, often sung with anger, aggression, and conviction in the form of screaming. Melodic smooth vocals are also accepted. Solos are an integral part of metal music, as the icing on the cake to complement the heavy intensity of the songs and add more depth and individuality. Real metal has a solo in every song, usually scales and arpeggios played with some changes often in 8th, 16th, or 32nd notes..if only a few quick licks. Metal is progressive and dynamic, and usually provokes feelings that are therapeutic to the listener. Metal is rock music that has evolved.
Opeth, Death, Slayer, Pantera, Iced Earth, In Flames, Testament
by Shroomism October 02, 2003
3786 610
Simply the best subgenre of metal out there. Combines the distorted guitars and powerful drums of metal with the beautiful symphonic sound of classical orchestra instruments, such as violins, pianos, cellos, etc.
Some great symphonic metal bands include: Rhapsody of Fire, Therion, Symphony X, Nightwish, Kamelot, Angra, and more
by SomeBadJoke March 15, 2007
166 24
Finnish Opera Singer with a beautifoul voice and looks*drewl*
was kicked out of Nightwish Because she was a diva and wasn't too nice to the other members of the nightwish-crew
Tarja Turunen is a Diva
by Christian Svan May 28, 2006
144 55
trick ruses

++++ 11th Floor ++++, Stalkers, murderers, plagiarists,
Soulless People, ruses that are corrupted with garbage
corrupted knowledge, (that are corrupted with garbage
corrupted knowledge about God/Devil), that present
themselves as normal people, human beings under God/Devil

Their trashy little trampy earth minds are corrupted so BAD,
that they wish that they vindicated themselves a long time ago!!!----
by blthrskt December 01, 2009
4 8
The 11th Floor is nothing but a sham run by trick ruses, ( ruses ),
Nothing but plagiarismMeeting 5:30 +++ 13th Floor

I silent ruse, HEXed the trick ruses . . . .
The 11th Floor<<<---------is HEXed 4eva!!!
The 11th Floor is PWND by the silent ruse . . . . .

The 11th Floor will receive the Devil’s Thrown Hello . . .

The 11th Floor will be shacking up with the Devil, on his Devil’s Thrown
The 11th Floor are ALIENS from the 13th planet……………
The 11th Floor - - - they ran out the country + + + dropping off like flies === Devil’s Thrown Hello

trashy little trampy earth mind + + + trashy little trampy earth path

trashy little trampy (anything) + + + Inkubus Sukkubus
by blthrskt December 01, 2009
4 14
The new vocalist of the symphonic metal band, Nightwish. She is a soprano and was previously in a 1980's metal band called Alyson Avenue. She currently lives in Sweden with her husband and son. She has only done one album with Nightwish so far, entitled "Dark Passion Play", which was released on September 28th, 2007.
Anette Olzon is a natural soprano.
by Crimrose November 18, 2007
86 30
Also home of great rally drivers and people who can drink pretty much anyone under the table.
by MoonKnight November 24, 2002
2145 289
Ruined by MTV
We must save music
by Shaq November 07, 2003
10846 994
a ruse who is the silent one.....thus a silent ruse, who opens his trashy little trampy earth ears,
trashy little trampy earth eyes, and keeps his trashy little trampy MOUTH....CLOSED...
and has a good trashy little trampy little earth HEART, and keeps an OPEN MIND...
communicates in riddles and rhymes..... uses song lyrics to portray his message across---
---Sarah Mclaughlin "Possession"
trashy little trampy soul mind

trashy little trampy earth mind

trashy little trampy (anything)

i was a silent ruse for the vindication process.....
by blthrskt November 25, 2009
3 6
Tarja Turunen, singer of a finnish band called Nightwish. She has a beautiful voice! Nightwish rocks!
It would be nice to hear Tarja and Ville Valo singing together!!!!
by Theteh April 25, 2004
111 36