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A person of country India
by ram January 15, 2003
Indiginous Americans who were cheated out of their land.
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 17, 2003
Currently the largest tribe in the steadily-growing race known as Native American Indians. The Natives are, fortunately, making a comeback, and NOT just with casinos, dammit!
With well over 700,000 mixed- and full-blooded members, the Cherokee nation is the largest tribe in the entire United States. The "motherland" that the tribe inhabited, of which many still do, is known as the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee and very western North Carolina. The white settlers and slaveowners pushed a great number of my people off their lands, of which many of us thoroughly and bitterly resent them. It was those people who made this region the South, with their new countrified, Southeast-style culture and political opinions. They also believed that the Cherokees were nothing but savages and heathens, VERY BIG misconception. Thanks to most of those people who took over the lands, now we have a mixture of lightly-educated hicks, and a bunch of arrogant, and usually racist, rednecks. What a GREAT EXCHANGE!
We have managed to hold out, however. Many of the ancestors held out in different hiding places in the mountains, and a lot of them survived the Trail of Tears. It is true that many Cherokees served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, but it is a decision that most of them made out of fear of the Southerners. Many of them, however, ended up serving in the Union Indian Brigade, which fought out in the Trans-Mississippi Theatre, coming from Oklahoma and Kansas, were most of the Natives had been exiled to from their eastern homelands. The Cherokee are a strong people, they served the nation and the settlers even as their own rights and lands were gradually being taken from them, and they deserve a lot of respect, and even tribute, in return.
Long Live The Mighty Cherokee!
by Ryan October 16, 2004
The very state of a native american being proud of their culture.
Native Pride is often displayed on clothing and accessories- hats, shirts, pants, sweaters, bags... you name it. Feathers, braided hair, and beads (the traditional look) is sometimes shown too. Some natives even get tattoos showing their Native Pride.

Native Pride has absolutely nothing to do with racism and is not some sort of uprising. Some people get offended because they assume different things. For example: We think we are better than you. Wrong. We are keeping our culture strong.
-He's got feathers in his hair, an eagle on his chest, is called by his native name. He has Native Pride.

-"I want a tattoo. It should say 'Native Pride'."

-The English have England, Germans have Germany, Italians have Italy, Egyptians have Egypt, Indians have India, Spanish have Spain, Russians have Russia, Chinese have China....(continues).... there is no 'Natives have America'. But we're here, and we're proud.
by *Bee* September 15, 2006
a person or persons of Amerind American ancestry and are of the First Nations. All American Indians were giving full citizenship by the United States of America in the year nineteen-hundred-twenty four the same year Mongolia became a fully recognized sovereign nation by the International members nations of the League of Nations. Authentic Native Americans must be enrolled on or in a federally recognized sovereign First Nation reservation. A card with blood quantum and tribal affiliation are required to be in the possession to receive government assistance and funds to be used for the betterment and the assimilation in total of the American Indian into a citizen of the United States of America
Hey Steve !@
Are you a American Indian ?
Well, yes Frederick I am indeed an American Indian...of blood quantum 24/36 degree American Indian blood type O-
Geez< Do both parents have to be American Indian for you to be considered American Indian?
Yes. Quite so.....
by High Crane December 15, 2011
retarded form of "asian."
immature children who's eyes have not been open to the world who claim "asian pride," usually high school/high school drop outs and under with bleached hair that spend their days at the local arcade playing DDR, also types "LyKe Dis On thE InTerNeTzZzZz"
"AzN pRydE, AzN tIL i DiE" WhOo HooOo i'm A DumBaSs DaT doEsnT knnO hOw To tyPe aNd EmBarRAsZz My rAcE anD EthNiCiTy by ClaiMinG PrYde WheN i dUn EBeN knO hOw To SpEaK iN mY nAtiVe TonGuE... PeACe OUtERsZZzz..
by youfoo January 11, 2003
Comanche's (NUMUNU)were, and still are, a Native American tribe widely known for their mastery of horseback riding and guerrilla warfare, which labeled them as the "Lords of the Plains".
This is how us Comanche's roll, Beyotch!!!

I am Proud to be Comanche.
by ComancheSamurai March 24, 2011
A person of country India
by ram January 15, 2003
an East Indian person
That was her brown boyfriend Sanjay
by mia December 28, 2002
1. In France, "métis" is a general word referring to anyone who is mixed race.
2. In Canada and the northern USA, the Métis are a distinct ethnic group, descended from French and Scottish men who married Amerindian (mostly Cree, Ojibwa and Algonquin) women.
There are around 390,000 people in Canada who identify as belonging to the Métis people: around 1.3% of the Canadian population.
by backpacker_x2 February 01, 2011