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Thesaurus for Mariluz

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Mariluz

The most beautiful, amazing, talented, and sweet-hearted girl you will ever find. She doesn't think so, but she is, trust me. She is perfect in any shape or form, any day, any way, she is amazing.
David: I think im in love with this girl, shes such an Aleeah!!

John: Damn, I wish i can find one of those, forever alone. :(

by SkaterKickerflipper February 20, 2012
The true definition of perfection. Heart of gold, eyes that will bring a massive smile across your face, and all up easily one of the most beautiful women to be found. Simply the sweetest and kindest girl to live, and has a smile that lights up an entire city :)
See that girl, the one with beautiful eyes, that's Cherese!
by anonymous_kitten August 19, 2013
A sexy little woman who loves everything that deals with video games and animals, and of course food!!!! If you know a Cristy-lyn they are very great cuddlers and always know what to say to any of their friends who are in need of help.
Cristy-lyn is playing nintendo.
by virgoness2010 February 04, 2010
Daniele is a name given to a beautiful long, brown-haired girl who is in love with the thought of love. She's one of the weirdest, funniest girls you're ever going to meet. She's easy to talk to, but very bad at flirting. If you want to get on her side, make her laugh.
Guy: hey, do you know Daniele?
Girl: yeah, she's super cool.
Guy: I know, she's so funny
by qwerty1787 August 13, 2011
A sexy red-headed woman.
You think that blonde by the bar is cute? Pfft! Check out that elody!
by Ja.ke February 04, 2010
a name of a fine ass chick ever

who get holla by 5 guys a day.
ayyyyy eunice , when are u gonna let me hit dat huh?
by LadieFlie December 19, 2003
According to Hollywood, What you are if you are a female weighing over 100 lbs.
Nicole Richie apparently thought she was fat, now she looks like a nine-year old boy.
by BigPapa September 28, 2005
Someone who can make you vomit just by looking at them. Someone who should'nt leave their house for their own good. They look like a sideshow freak.
That bald loser Mike's face made me want to vomit when I saw what he really looked like. My opinion was confirmed when everyone else said how hideous he was.

Sal has always made me want to vomit. It was hard to look at him without feeling digust. He smelled bad too. I felt such pity for him.
by Jcads April 20, 2008
A Jayni is one of the coolest girls you will ever meet. Jayni's make the best sisters and friends you could ever ask for. They are obviously very beautiful and attract only be best kind of people into their worlds. Jayni's have great personalities and their laughter can infect any room. They are an ACE on the volleyball court; their serves never disappoint and always lead to wins! Such a super kind og girl to know but they definitely have their nerdy moments too!
Wow, check out that Jayni on the court; she's got quite a serve and I'm sure her sister is so proud of her!
by urksis February 05, 2010