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Thesaurus for Johnny-hole

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Johnny-hole

(jah-nee) 1 One who has no fear; having courage; having a fine appearance 2 Gallant, courteous, like an ideal knight 3 Someone with a special charm or allure that inspires allegiance or devotion 4 One of, if not THE coolest person you'll encounter in your lifetime 5 The most interesting man in the room at all times 6 One who has an incredibly oversized cock
"OMG...He's hung like Johnny!"
by Judonknow February 03, 2010
When one's excessive talking boils to the point of exhaustion for the recipient. For the person who receives this audible impaling, a meltdown incurs and hostile actions goes into affect.
"you've been Ear Fucking me for the past 3 hours, shut the fuck up before I knock you out"
by Krumbz March 02, 2008
A irrisitable chick magenet, one who accels in the fields of action sports. He is dangerous when it comes to contending for females. He has an abnormaly large penis and is dynomite in bed
Dont look at Johnnie! You wont be able to look away!!
by alyson111111111 November 08, 2010
1. The vertebrate organ of hearing (otherwise known as the ear), which used in this term is used for sexual intercourse

2. The orifice used for 'ear-fucking'
1. "With all those studs, laying her in the Johnny-hole would suck"

2. "You think I could put it in her Johnny-hole?
by Johnny March 13, 2007
The most manly state in the union where men head-butt bison, punch trout in the face, and chop down trees with their gargantuan dicks.
"I'm a pussy!"
-Someone who doesn't live in Montana
by BurlyMontanyan August 28, 2006
the greatest person you will ever meet. most likely of canadian background. term means "rebirth" or "renaisannce" who wouldn't love that?
The girl in my geometry class, Renée, sure is smart and funny and hot, she's like the greatest girl i've ever met.
by emogirlincorner April 23, 2005