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A city in Texas in between Houston and Galveston. Founded by Quakers in 1895, Friendswood is allegedly a great place to start a family and raise your children. After all, it DID make the list for CNN's "Top 100 Places To Live In The U.S." Ask anyone not over the age of 50 and they will tell you otherwise. Being a mostly rich white city (about 90%), Friendswood locals have an incredible fear to anything of a different color, aside from Mexicans who they need to mow their lawns. Strangely, a large majority of the youth believe themselves to be black, and will even go as far to claim themselves a "gang member" in spite of the lack of ANY REASON to behave like one in a city with no REAL problems.

But without a doubt, Friendswood is most notorious for its police force. The FPD is known for its tendency to get extremely excited over the most trivial events, mainly cause it's such a boring city. If you are ever pulled over in Friendswood, prepare yourself as if it were a job interview. Even if you know you did not violate any traffic laws, they will make one up. They will even send more than one squad car to the scene, though this has been identified as an attempt to intimidate you. And even after they give you a ticket, you had better pay it on time. Cause if you have ANY kind of warrant in Friendswood, they will literally send their over-funded SWAT team with assault rifles to your house and threaten to tear gas it even if their is a baby and children inside of it. True story.
Friendswood Cop 1: Hey look, a black person who is clearly a gang member and not just a black person!
Friendswood Cop 2: GET EM!
by FPD Sucks May 28, 2010
The best freaking movie in the whole world you dipstick.
Friend: did you go see Frozen?
Other friend: no not yet.
Friend: oh okay we're not friends.
by Jennifer Lawrence. January 11, 2014
A highly conceited boy who looks sexy even when he doesn't try, he has a sexy voice, and loves to talk to down-to-earth people and people who excite his imagination.
I think I like that guy. Yea that gotta be an Abraham.
by Veronica J June 17, 2008
An often under appreciatted branch of the miltary since the official seperation of the Marines from the Navy. A more stable fighting force then the Marines. Marines strike and go,whereas the Army gains and keeps control of the areas that have been weakened by the military.
First we weaken the area with an attack by Marines, next we send the Army to hold the ground.
by The Omnipresence November 21, 2003
Having no emotions,
He laughed at the crippled man who fell down, that's cold.
by sk January 06, 2003
City in Newfoundland, Canada
I live in dildo

no joke, its a town
by Chach March 04, 2003
Great 1980's Hardcore Punk Band from the UK. Originating in the time period famously known as UK 82 along other bands like The Exploited, Blitz, G.B.H (Charged), The Business, The Adicts, and many more
Punk# 1: Man did you hear Gods Are Born In The USA by Disorder

Punk# 2: Hell yeah im glad we listen to great music and not crap like blink 182 and Greenday
by Chirs Stiller September 07, 2009
Using hot sauce as lube during anal
Ay shawty wanna go back to my place i got some hot sauce n we can do the flaming pile driver
by BBOW December 13, 2008
The end result of taking a solid dook, molding it into the preferred shape dildo, inserting said poo dildo into the freezer until it hardens, removing said frozen poo dildo from the freezer, and inserting said FPD into your ass for pleasure
Richard Gere invited me over to try out some of his Frozen Poo Dildo's, but i declined, because i like neither FPD's nor hampsters inserted into my rectum.
by Peejiddles November 05, 2007