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Thesaurus for Chimp Lover

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Chimp Lover

According to U.S. News and World Report 2003 - Connecticut is THE RICHEST STATE in the nation and always has been by per capita new worth, average income, and cost of living. It's amazing how uneducated someone is to say New Jersey (which most everyone would agree is the nation's asshole) would be richer. Have fun peasant, New Jersey is 6th. Get castrated before you reproduce and your uneducated middle-low class spawn infect any more of the planet.
Nice Prada shoes. Are you from Connecticut?

Why yes, where are you from?

New Jersey.

Well, that explains the smell.
by Jeffrey Fortenberry November 06, 2003
1. n. Semen
2. v. To orgasm

Usage Note: the word is spelled with a 'u' to differentiate it from 'come,' which has a... cleaner definition.
I just got some spam inviting me to "cum here." Is there a double meaning here???
by The Grammar Nazi November 19, 2001
1. jovial or happy, good-spirited

2. a homosexual male or female

3. often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate. originating from homophobia. quite preferable among many teenage males in order to buff up their "masculinity"
1. "We'll have a gay old time."

2. "You DO know he's gay. Notice his homoerotic pornography collection."

3. "Man, these seats are gay. I can't even see what's going on!"
by anonymous January 02, 2004
What kind of moron are you that you look up sex in the urban dictionary?
Looking up sex??? Seriously, get off now before I turn off the internet.
by TJ (CC) December 03, 2005
Often displayed in the woodland areas, this Unnatural act, is where a human being manipulates the squirrel creature for their pleasures. Similar to Chimp Lover.
Mum:"Close your eyes hunny. Darling get the kids in the car quick, theres a squirrel fiddler over there."
by Jacksc2 July 03, 2006
Most often seen after a male masterbating, cock vomit is the fluid that eminates from the head of the males penis. Suggestions for where it is to land,
1.Attractive females: face or mouth area, also chest and anus.
2.Unattractive Females: Chest and anus. note don't go near face, possibably could loose erection. especially if eye contact is made.
3.Possibly onto a passer by from a highrise building block window.
4.Otherwise let it land where it likes, worry bout the clean up afterwards.
Excitable young man:"ahh ahhh ahh am going to cum, ah shit cock vomit everywhere, its gone all over the remote"

Unsuspecting drunken sleeping girl:"ewwwwe, theres cock vomit in my eye"
by Jacksc2 July 03, 2006
In direct opposition to a wannabe, a popular musician, singer or rock star who is no longer popular but still acts like it.
The club owner says to a fledgling rock band,"This club books more wannabees than hasbeens because we support our local talent. You've got the gig."
by dearhearts November 04, 2003
a woman whose emotional, romantic, and sexual energies are geared towards other women.
janet is writing abook about the history of female same-sex attraction.
by dagger_grrl March 17, 2004
Anything that is given too much credit and hype.
Ford Mustang
Notorious B.I.G.
Vince Carter
Dragonball Z
by The Truth April 22, 2005