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B97 is short for Bjarne '97

When you get really angry at your bike and toss it like Bjarne Riis did in the Tour de France 1997.

On the final time trial stage everything went wrong and Bjarne had enough.

See the incident on youtube by searching for "Bjarne Riis 1997 bike toss"

This term can be used around friends that either know of Bjarne Riis or are into cycling, seeing as this is a very famous moment in the history of the race.
Sean checks his facebook and sees a status update from Brian.

Brian: Just did a B97 on my bike.

Sean instantly replies: Lol, dude... why did you go Bjarne '97 on it? Was it worth it?
by GaryBarlowIsAGod March 29, 2010
A Norwegian name meaning bear.
Usually a foreign guy; for example an exchange student from Norway or surrounding countries.

Known for his ability to entertain, being a badass and charm the American ladies.
-Dude, did you hear about that Bjarne kid?
-Yea, man. He is supposed to be one crazy-ass Norwegian!!
by Bjønnen sjølv June 10, 2009
The lower intestinal cramping associated with diarrhea. The pain includes hot and cold flashes, goose bumps, and general irritation. Cycling refers to the way the pain comes on strong and then goes away repeatedly.
Dude, those Buffalo wings were good but I'm cycling big time. The bathroom here is disgusting so lets bounce, I need a decent toilet stat.
by SAB1179 November 22, 2009
Jamaican word for "the"
Pon de river Pon de bank
by Tight Ass Pants July 03, 2005
France is a country that fought side by side with Americans on American soil during the American war of independence. Also, the counrty that built and gave as a gift the greatest symbol of America, the Statue of Liberty.
by Grislock May 09, 2003
To party extremly hard: Excessive drinking, taking of pills, boozing or any combination of the three.

Not possible to remember the previous night...
Its Friday night, lets fucking RAGE!
by Cypress Ryan May 13, 2006
used to replace cool, awesome, tubular etc.
that icecream cone is riis!

scope dat shorties azz, it riis
by boxcrsher January 23, 2004
Often used as the following of bands, in particular jam bands such as Phish, Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident
To be on tour, To go on tour
by P June 03, 2004

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