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Thesaurus for Aotearoa

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Aotearoa

An insignificant group of islands in the South Pacific inhabited by 55 million sheep, 4.5 million of which think they are human.
American: "Are you British?"
New Zealander: "Nah mate, I'm from New Zealand."
American: *blank stare*

English bartender: "What's it to be guv?"
New Zealander: "A pint of lager thanks."
English bartender: "I see your cricketers beat us in the Ashes again."
by Dunners_boi October 04, 2010
Indigneous people of New Zealand, originating in South Pacific. Signatories to the Treaty of Waitangi, 1840. One of the national languages of NZ (The others being English and Sign).
Even the NZ Maori Rugby team can usually beat Wales
by sloanie July 06, 2006
A game played in an enclosed court by two players who strike a ball with raquets. aka the greatest sport ever.
WOW! This kool sport kiwi is waaaay better then squash!
by M&N® November 05, 2010
New Zealand - a small country, in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia. Inhabited by New Zealanders kiwi's.
Hoping to take a trip out to NZ sometime soon!
by dodgyjanet December 17, 2004
A word used to discribe the New Zealand equivalent to trailer trash. Horis generally come from areas such as South Auckland and Otara.
These people are so cheap they steal stuff from the Warehouse
fuckn ub3r hori stylez bo.

your ub3r hori with micro uzi bo.

horima + horius in a new car = stolen car with the pigs behind them, chasing them in the streets of otara, comming to my house, but i will get my m4 and m203 them wen they get here, then i will steal their jandles
by Plasma October 29, 2003
the word michael jackson likes to say a lot in his songs
michael jackson: OW!
by zee February 08, 2004
kiwi for thanks, cool, sweet etc
'that was choice eh bro!'
by munga October 28, 2003
Another word referring to what your type is or what kind of person you're into.
From "Zack and Miri"
Brandon: You're not my demographics so I'm not offended.
Zack: What's your demographics?
Brandon:Do you like pussy?
Zack:I do!
Brandon: Then not you!!
by Alfred Miller September 15, 2009
A relationship status Quo similar to "the friendzone" but instead avoiding the relationship for Religious reasons.
Bruh:ya so she said she wasnt interested because she wanted to keep her relationships "biblicaly okay."
Bro: oooooh your in the god zone Bruh.
by the dearly ditched July 28, 2014