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Thesaurus for American Revolution

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when you find out you girlfriend has been cheating on you invite her over to your place but jack off as many times as posible before she get there. when she arrives get her to give you head and instead of coming just piss in her mouth and shout "French Revolution!!!!"
hey man i found out my girl was cheating on me so i gave that bitch the French Revolution
by ronib lindsley March 04, 2004
The war most American schoolkids have continuously hammered into their brains, without really understanding.

In brief and colloquial terms for slow-witted teens:

Colonists were pretty pissed off at mama-san Britain for the policies she created after the French & Indian War, so toss in a shitload of taxes and acts, and you've got even more rage. Colonists start getting bratty in regards to paying the taxes and obeying the acts they see as unfair, and British throw even more at the bastards, without warning. Now REALLY angry, colonists start banding together thus boycotts and protests (think Boston Tea Party) erupt. Thomas Paine steps in with "Common Sense" and says "Hey, colonial dudes, independence from the Brits = pretty sweet idea." At first people call him insane, but soon enough THE WAR BEGINS. Yada yada Loyalists and Patriots yada George III. Ben Franklin goes to France and gets them to help the colonists out. Brits first seem to take the lead. Colonists eventually regain strength and topple Brits in the end. July 4th, 1776 = Declaration of Independence, among other things, but hey man, THE WAR WAS STILL GOING ON WHEN THEY WROTE IT. Articles of Confederation (American Constitution Sr.) is pretty much the nail in the Brit/Colonial connection coffin.

Voilà. A new nation.

note: I'm not a professor, so this of course is not some exact, blow-by-blow description of the war.
I hope you now change your definition of the Revolutionary War, American. Better cross out that "Yeah, the British were like TOTAL DICKS, so we were like FUCK THAT, WE'RE AMERICA, so we fought 'em. Wait, England = Britain, right?"

by schnookummomookums August 04, 2006
The best war ever. Why? Because there were kings and queens, but there were also advanced weapons. Awesome!

There is one case in which World War I shouldn't be considered the best war ever, and that's if you fought in it.

How to fight in World War I:

1. Sit in a stinky trench for a month. Repeatedly get terribly ill from sleeping in mud mixed with shit.

2. Get your ass pounded by hundreds of thousands of artillery shells launched by an invisible enemy. Suffer from shell-shock.

3. Get gassed until you bleed out your ass

4. Jump out of your trench and get shot while mutilating your hands trying to climb over a barbed-wire fence.

5. Get limbs amputated.

6. Go home.

7. Suffer awful Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that makes Schizophrenia look normal.
World War I is cool to study, but if I wake up in a World War I bunker tomorrow I will shoot myself in the mouth.

The belligerent stages of World War I (the war had been subtly waiting to happen for decades) began when Archduke Franz Ferdinand (awesome name and title) was assassinated by a terrorist group called the Black Hand (frickin awesome name!) in Sarajevo, Bosnia (badass city even today).

Emperor Franz Josef (yes, "Emperor", it doesn't get better than that) of the Austro-Hungarian Empire then sent an ultimatum to the government of Serbia, which it held responsible for Ferdinand's death. Serbia failed to comply with the demands and was subsequently invaded by the Emperor's troops under General Franz Conrad von Hotzendorf (this stuff is too cool to make up). Soon, Tzar Nicholas of Russia declared that he was mobilizing his massive army. In response, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, who really didn't want war with Russia but previously promised support to Austria Hungary, mobilized his troops, declared war on Russia and France, and invaded Belgium and Luxembourg within days. His plan, the Schlieffen Plan, was to take France out of the war within three weeks, before Russia could mount a major offensive against Germany. He failed in this respect and the western front bogged down to a stalemate 50 miles outside of Paris.
by Randwulf January 31, 2010
A person who was born/raised or lives in Britain.
Some folk think it can be used as an insult but most of us couldn't care less.
We spell our words correctly as Americans spell theirs correctly.. It's just a matter of whether or not you use 'American English' or 'British English'.
'I'm a Brit born and raised!'
by Nolfie April 24, 2008
This alkaloid is found in opium in concentrations ranging from 0.7 to 2.5 percent.
Oftenly Found in prescription cough syrip, and basically slows you down all around.
The good effects:
· High with dizziness
· Skin, Lips, Face feel numb
· Relieves pain quite well
The bads:
· decreased sex drive
· Urinary haulting or problems
Only knew one brotha who OD'ed on Codeine, man that's like OD'in on orange juice.
by Markos March 04, 2004
Something the American people just think they have
politics has taken away our freedom years ago
by chewy pieces September 12, 2003
A form of discrimination that is considered racism by some. This form of racism is still acceptable by societies standards and is just as wrong as discrimination against Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Middle easterners. Unfortunatley not much is done to stop this. Red headed children are harrassed at school and even the work place is hostile for red heads. If anybody has a problem with red hair you can come to my house and we will settle it in my front yard.
Racist bully-Hey carrot top! you running from the sun?
Red haired individual-thats gingerism you fucking racist cunt.
*red haired individual proceeds to kick the the shit out of the racist bully cunt*
by K2Tanner September 19, 2007
The tale of how many different nations, from all across the world, gained their independence from Great Britain.
This country used to be part of Britain, but it's independent now.
by birdboy2000 September 28, 2004
A signature. Derives from John Hancock's signature, which was written in large letters, on the Declaration of Independence.
Could you please put your John Hancock on this form so that I can turn it in?
by rieux November 29, 2003
Originally, a patriot was someone who loves their country and supports it, but won't blindly follow whatever their country's government does. These days, it is synonymous with Nationalist, which is someone who blindly follows whatever his country's government does, and lacks his own ability to think and reason for himself.
Many Americans seem to be patriots. More of them are nationalists.
by John Q Moron December 06, 2003