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What americans call petroleum.
American: Imma fill mah car up with gas!

British: You're commiting suicide?
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
A kick ass / durable V8 motor that was produced by Pontiac Motor Division from 1968 to 1977. The motor has a bore size of 3.875 inches and has a stroke of 3.75 inches, making it really 354 cubic inches instead of 350. It is mistakenly called a "Big-Block" due to it's size but there is no such "Small block" or "Big block" since all Pontiac motors shared the same external design and size in the 60's and 70's. While not amongst the performance engines being developed by Pontiac at the time, in 1968 and 69, an H.O. (High Output) version was the performance option for this motor with an underrated 325 horsepower and a compression ratio of 10.5:1. Besides H.O. variants of this motor, the 350 was looked down upon bigger cubic inched Pontiac motors (389, 400, 428 and 455) due to it's small bore size... BUT with a slightly bigger cam, a .040 over bore size, better heads with bigger valves, and some bolt-on modifications, this motor goes from a typically quick V8 to a fucking beast! This motor can be stroked to a 383 for maximum performance that will hand's down beat any Chevy Big-Block motor on the streets.

This engine also shares nothing in common with the "Chevrolet 350" motor.

The Pontiac 350 was most common in Firebirds, Le Mans/Tempest/Custom S cars, and Ventura models. Usually found in 2 barrel form with the exception of the H.O. models that came with a 4 barrel carb/intake and more.
"My Pontiac 350 in stock form was quick but not fast, now it hauls ass with a four barrel and some bolt-on's!"

(At a stoplight)

Civic guy: "Hey" (while revving his 1.5L motor)... let's race!

Dude in Firebird: "Alright"

(Firebird kick's the living shit out of the poor Civic at the stop light)

Civic Guy: "Whoa! What engine do you have under that hood and what can I do to get my car to go faster?"

Dude in Firebird: "Pontiac 350 and uhhh... get a V8!"

by Ryan Diablo February 28, 2009
Something that korean cars just dont have
My Shelby gt-500 just smoked that stupid kia
by gunit January 24, 2005
A common Chevy smallblock engine used everywhere from trucks to musclecars. The 350 refers to the engine's displacement in cubic inches. Production began in 1968 and was discontinued with the demise of the camaro in 2002 however parts are plentiful and these engines can be made quite powerful.
If that riceboy thinks his little 4banger civic is gonna beat my 350, he's got somethin else comin to him.
by Buzzard Bill April 30, 2006
A "big block" is an engine that has a deck height(distance from crank bearing centerline to the top of the block) that is greater than 9.8 inches. An example is GM has a 400 SMALL block and a 400 BIG block.
big block=383,396,400,413,426,454
small block=302,305,318,327,350,351,360,400
by Jagged Joe October 23, 2006
Area code in Washington serving Lynnwood, Alderwood Manor, Edmonds, Brier, and some parts of Bothel, Belvue, Redmond, and North Seattle.

Bill Gates has a 425 area code (true story).
by Casey Strom August 31, 2006
4-30 means that something is over/finished/complete.
Man, when I get the new Jordan's it's gonna be 4-30!
by Nakarrie Thompson May 22, 2008
A car made by Oldsmobile between 1964 and 1973. The 442 was a special package offered on the Oldsmobile Cutlass. this package was most well known W-30.

the 442 originially started off as a package for police cars. In 1964, there were 10 4 door 442's made. The 442 was called the best handling muscle car in 1964 by reviewers

442 stood for the 442's 4 barrel carbeurator, 4 speed transmission and dual (2)exhaust. The official meaning of 442 was changed to represent the new 400 cid engine that was now offered in the 442. 442 now stood for the 4 barrel carbeurator, 400 cid engine and dual exhaust.

A 455 engine was offered in the 442 beggining in 1970, because General Motors (Oldsmobile's parent company) lifted its ban on engines over 400 cid in intermediate sized cars.

Performance for the 442 began to go downhill in 1971, when the US government made new emissions laws, and General Motors decree that all of its cars must run on unleaded fuel, meaning that the compression of the 442's wngine had to be dropped.
That 442 is aweaome, good thing it was built before 1971
by T.F. October 01, 2005
500 days is a typical term for a guy/girl relationship. Came in use after "500 Days of Summer" movie.
- You're dating him almost a year! Do you want to marry him or something?

- Gwad, no! He's just another 500 guy.
by Ferdinand Trussoff October 12, 2009