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Thesaurus for <=3

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An extended version of <=3, which just symbolises a guys set of reproductive organs =D
A: You're an idiot
B: Suck my <==3 you fag
by melikeme July 13, 2006
The tool used to wean and convert lesbians and virgins into useful, productive members of society.
The lesbian babe saw the light and became straight when a real penis penetrated her vaginal lips.
by urban pervert April 08, 2003
A male penis, but very long. Can also be used in place of <3, but in a very sexual way.
Suck my <===3 you little juvy

I <===3 you so much johnny boy.
by MrBig404 April 27, 2008
Some people use this as a heart, but those people are wrong. It is clearly a ballsack.
I <3 you (I ballsack you)
by AtomicBono June 22, 2005
A HUGE penis. Only used by pepole who can only dream of having it.
SUCK MY <====3!
by King of Nowhere August 20, 2008
1.The male genitals
2.An abrasive man
3.Short-form for "Richard"
1.I loved the feel of his dick inside me
2.Stop being such a dick
3.His name was Dick and he had a large dick but he was such a dick.
by Buk Akka Tehcock April 12, 2003
A blowjob
U want to :0 <=3?
by Zerostar December 22, 2002
The male reproductive organ. Used as a secondairy brain at times.
Before I stuck my rough, bent-up COCK into her vagina, I was certain that I would hit her G-spot on every thrust.
by MrRoughBentUp July 25, 2003
1. Another name for groinal area.

2. Name of the groin/seat area of pants

3. Act of shoving something in your crotch
<A> My crotch is itchy.

<A> There's a whole in the crotch of my pants

<A> I crotched the drugs.
by Ms T February 21, 2003