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a smiling face but not as happy as :D
Are you happY?
oh yeah!
by Sam August 11, 2004
The Asian variation of the classic smiley face. This is sometimes used in more cheerful situations.
Thank you so much, *hug* ^_^
by Aquinas January 27, 2003
An emoticon depicting an unhappy or sad face.
I'm unhappy! :(
by PJC October 01, 2002
3m0 smiling. opposite of .(
3m0 1: Hey i found some new sharp razor blades

3m0 2: .)
by Valkyr84 July 31, 2008
Laughing My Ass Off. Used online only.
Matt: Bill fell off the horse and injured his pelvis in 6 different places.

Joe: LMAO!
by lem December 15, 2002
The name 'Lol' is an abreviated form of the name 'Laurence'.
"Hey Lol, you alright?"

"..Well i was chattin to Lol and he said.."
by Lol B February 06, 2009
Cyborg Smilie, usually used by dumbass MMORPG n00bs
n00b1: omg wtf y00 seen that guy i pwned hi5 ass and hax0rd hi5 acc0unt!!!11!!1!!
noob2: o)
noob3: u r teh 1337357 XD
by ubongo May 05, 2008