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Thesaurus for :'(

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for :'(

An emoticon depicting an unhappy or sad face.
I'm unhappy! :(
by PJC October 01, 2002
546 100
Some people use this as a heart, but those people are wrong. It is clearly a ballsack.
I <3 you (I ballsack you)
by AtomicBono June 22, 2005
10255 4184
The name 'Lol' is an abreviated form of the name 'Laurence'.
"Hey Lol, you alright?"

"..Well i was chattin to Lol and he said.."
by Lol B February 06, 2009
41333 5694
An acronym for "suck a dick." Often used as a command.

This form is often more offensive than just saying "suck a dick" and it can be used anywhere in public.
"Pay attention to me, I wanna play, your making me sad..."

"Sarah, go s-a-d!!"
by do it to it May 22, 2008
437 261
Something real men do.
John was seen crying when Samantha fucked his mom.
by TheRainbowPanda December 24, 2008
398 70
nature's way of tricking people into reproducing
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
75704 18815
Internet smiley to express crying. Usualy when you're emotioned.
This dress is so cute. ;_;
by salad_fingers May 08, 2006
363 30
short for honey, an endearing term
Hey hun, i missed you!
by Dawn June 15, 2002
2902 728
What your older relative on facebook (or perhaps, who just learned to use a mobile phone) thinks that LOL stands for
Your grandfather just passed away.
LOL, Mom.

(^^thinking that it means "lots of love")
by oskay September 29, 2011
118 55
very, a lot
The Pittsburgh Penguins did muchly well last night!
by Brenna July 06, 2003
67 35