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Thesaurus for /facedesk

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for /facedesk

Interjection commonly used after a person has been insulted, disgraced, or humiliated. Derived from the phrase "in your face."

See also: Foice, Fish, pHacR.
"Last night I got pulled over for tipping."
by slag March 30, 2004
1133 426
a nice, stable, flat surface used for sex
Let's use the desk this time!!
by Anonymous December 29, 2002
98 21
An unholy attempt in which an uneducated mother attempts to create a new *facepalm*
Mother: What's a facepalm?
Awesome child: /me facepalms.
Mother: Can you do a /facehair? ;D
Awesome child: No, no, Mum you can't.
Mother: It's just a sugge-
Awesome child: GET THE FUCK OUT
by homohomohomohomo. July 30, 2009
5 3
A word used by 4Chan visitors, forum enthusiasts, PC gamers, and nerds alike to express complete disgust/fail towards another person/thing.
- Hey Mike, wanna go clubbin tonight and bang some sluts?

- /facepalm
by TheYoohoo41 January 31, 2009
64 18
The red lines that form on your face when sleeping in class
Mark got desk face when sleeping in physics class.
by saltycod October 16, 2010
6 1
The act of planting one's face into a desk at high speeds usually due to embarrasment or frustration.
Yohn facedesked because of the insanity in the room.
by SuikoxYohn July 05, 2006
171 36
Stuff that grows on people's balls, heads, arms, legs, and stuff that grows on cats, dogs, your anus, and so on.
There sure is alot of hair on my balls!
by ERIC October 18, 2003
1512 325
A vast array of pornography and advertisements.
by Cyclone March 03, 2003
11122 861
Someone who has to look up "stupid" in the dictionary because they don't know what it means.
You are stupid.
by Janis June 25, 2004
12830 2210
A word indicating an action or doing things.

Such verbs include:
.....among MANY others.

In this day and age, anything can be a verb.
"Verb...it's whatcha do!"
-that commercial
by Dave April 04, 2004
113 44