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What does Urban Dictionary say about tasha?

lookin good, very stunning and always glowing
a tasha is a beautiful creature who gets alot of unknown attention
shes as beautiful as a tasha
by oliv323 February 16, 2007
1159 322
Preferably a girl that likes to be random, sarcastic, and make everyone laugh. You'll never know what to expect, whether it be an action, or a statement from Tasha.
Your friend is yelling at someone about a serious matter, then turns around and looks at you (as long as your not the one being yelled at) and says "So, How ya doin?". That friend of yours, would definitely be a Tasha.
by Baker Gurl 09 February 28, 2010
529 248
Tasha is the prettiest girl in school and the most chill. Heads are turned everywhere she goes. Guys love her because she is hot and is cool to hang out with. Girls love her because she is so nice. She knows how to have fun and make everybody laugh. She's not scared to make her place every where she goes
dang, who is that?

Oh that's tasha
by htrgfadfd April 03, 2010
431 201
An undoubtably amazing person. Always there to listen and never truely judges. Extremely adorable. Pron to waking up and finding all of her friends naked in the living room playing strip poker. The tasha must beware of such nights when her inner animal is resting and other animals are as wild as monkeys throwing poo at cantankerous old ladys at the zoo for a laugh. BEWARE. If the tasha does fall victim to such activities she is fairly forgiving but still resents it. bisexuality? still unknown.
Who helped you all night while you were puking ur guts out from being drunk?

That was definatily a tasha
by Future dictatoress of earth November 25, 2009
410 220
a girl in love with life. someone who longs for love in her life. normaly falls in love with a thomas. gets her heart broken often and inturn breaks other hearts to deflect the pain. but fun loving and easy to gain affection from.
wow, look how much that girl is in love. she must be a tasha.
by lollymmmm February 01, 2010
454 268
A loyal genuine friendly Female. At times Tasha can be moody sensitive and have emotional outbursts and indecisiveness.
She has ever changing emotions. Tasha hates lying and doesn't tolerate it unless under certain circumstances it can't be stopped.

She is quiet with people she does not know or prefers not to. She can be straight forward and says what needs to be said. It is hard to break through to Tasha she'll break into tears or completely shut down when she is hurt. She easily hides her phases of depression. She loves the night life as this creates a place of happiness with friends or family for even just a short time and this time is 'happiness'. Tasha is beautiful but doesn't flaunt it so much, she's a great Kisser, loves sex and everything else that comes along with it. If you meet a female Tasha get to know her because you won't regret it.
Tasha is one of a kind - pronounced (T(a'shh))
She's so Tasha
I want to be Tasha
I Love Tasha
by FoxyFemale June 16, 2013
115 19
Most beautiful creature on the face of the earth. Smart, outgoing, bubbly, and fun to be around. Her presence can light up anyones day. The sound of her voice is like a gentle song. She is Tasha and She is Amazing . <3
The definition of perfect is Tasha.
by elmo324 March 20, 2012
169 73
A Tasha is a marvelous beautiful little thing. I don't think she knows it but she's just absolutely out of this world amazing! You need a Tasha in your life okay because this little thing just cheers you up and is the happiest person I've never met. Seriously, if you don't have a Tasha in your life, you are lost and definitely need to find one. Forget about all the true love shit, find a TASHA! When you find Tasha you have the simple pleasure to smother her with hugs and cuddles and not let go. Not forgetting, she's really pretty and has allowed Tom Hiddleston to be shared, I have no idea how much more perfect she can become. Tasha's really are a rarity and it definitely runs in the family because look at how extraordinary she is.
A dear wish of mine is to meet Tasha someday because she's been through so much and just keeps fighting on. She's just one of those people who I know would stay by your side. Tasha, you have just been undeniably incredible and I've never met you but, I already feel like I can trust you, you have no idea how much better I am becoming by simply talking to you. It's pulled me out of a dark dark hole and I doubt I'll ever thank you enough. This is probably sounding like a lot of codswallop now but I honestly mean it okay? You're amazing and I absolutely adore and love you Tasha <3 :)
by nanananananananabatmaaaaaaaaan October 09, 2013
32 9
a "well fit Tasha" is a femal who is thought upon as being well fit by hard boys
by anonymous July 27, 2003
24 21