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What does Urban Dictionary say about gerard?

a kid with lack of self control, but funny as shit, and thinks every joke has sexual innuendo. Hes good at all sports and has tons of friends and gets all the chicks. Hes smart and will end up at a good college. Gerard is french for "huge dick." A gerard usually gets a ton of girls.
Dude, look its Gerard - that kid is so hot and funny.
by Jezus Christ January 13, 2009
669 226
THE BEST FRIGGIN SINGER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET! He has amazing vocals and, as a person, when he speaks its from the heart. Not to mention his good looks. =]
Gerard is the singer of MCR.
by IronMaidenIsLove August 14, 2008
644 228
Intelligent, caring, nice, cute, and sexy person. He's into video games, which is so awesome. He's a fun person to be around and is missed so much when apart from him. Once you meet him, he'll be all you think about. He is an amazing person.
I'm trying hard to figure out just how I ever did without Gerard.
by BewitchingSamantha April 11, 2011
207 84
A very sexy and intelligent indivdual, who is often self deprecating, as he doesn't understand how amazing he is.
Wow, that guy's such a Gerard!
by xxTooshaxx February 06, 2011
164 68
A name applied to all manner of things that you can form an obsession with. Most commonly known as the best black moor goldfish of all time, Gerard. A smart, gorgeous ladies-fish/man who gets all the girl (and guy) goldfish in his aqua tank. Gerard is easy to talk to, but sometimes has a temper. the love of everyone's life.
"Guess who helped me with my problems today?"



"Oh my gosh! You are so lucky!"

by A_zn! Hor$e. April 21, 2010
136 52
normally has big feet and a huge cock.
Did you hear ? What ? Gerard has a twelve incher .
yeah I know.
by johno980 May 03, 2011
82 31
A guy who approves of everything- especially things relating to men. A total tool. Watch Jacksfilms on youtube to understand why Gerard approves.
Wow, John just got a new t-shirt.

Gerard approves!
by Kirrii November 01, 2011
58 40
A person who seems incredibly sensible and mature. But when they have a couple of units of alcohol in their bloodstream, turn into mad, gullible, fun-loving idiots.
"Look at him flying down the hill on that office chair!"
"I know, he's a right Gerard!"
by Cheeksachu November 07, 2012
23 13
a closet ninja who enjoys sushi, but cannot speak japanese without an accent.
miyusaki: i can't understand what that foreigner is saying!

kabuki-san: that gerard should stick to his own language.


person one: i had no idea that billy could hold praying mantis pose for three hours!

person two: that is a perfect example of a gerard.
by Thelonius Moxie. July 10, 2008
8 2
A very attractive male who tends to go for beautiful,tall girls with brown hair and love the colour blue.
Gerard is a very intelligent person who is always looking out for those who matter most and never forgets about what's really important.

He's favourite sex postions tend to be on a desk or wall but loves when girls are on top.

His sex name is known as RAMROD. Due to his large package. And he's quite proud of it.

Although he is strong, he tends to be weak.
Wow he's lucky he has a fit girl like that, his name must be Gerard.
by August123 April 18, 2013
12 8
Gerard is very hot with a nice bod and abs.Gerard is french for huge dick. Gerard' are usually tall like 6'1 and above. They are very athletic and usally get really good at 1-2 sports in high school and collage. They are in love with boobs and nice butts
by Marrissa63 January 18, 2014
6 3
This name is Netherlands and means "Spear", The people with this mostly grows up to be awesome, Loves chelsea and Jeff is his best friend
by Trololol.. October 15, 2013
4 3
a huge nugget.
Gerard always denies being a nugget, but everyone knows he is one. What a douche.
by nugget69 December 16, 2008
63 195
short Phillipino boy who cheats on his girlfriend with fire crotches.
"Gerard likes fire crotches better than his ballin' girlfriend."
by B@Bii Gur! January 30, 2009
59 211
a man who eats rice lik crazy and who is a stalker
what u have for dinner?

by Hpballin November 29, 2007
76 230
A guy with alot of acne and hits on chicks in which range from one year to five years younger than himself. Always has hissy fits, Starts fights but never finishes them. and is a pussy
Dont have a gerard
by sinksss August 03, 2009
39 198
a person who thinks he is really cool but actually lacks inteligence and always starts fights but never finishes them.
man i hate that guy, he is such a motherfucking gerard
by gerardsuckscock June 14, 2008
59 231