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What does Urban Dictionary say about Mary?

The best girl a guy could wish for, They dont get any better than her
I would be happy to be with mary as long as possiable
by buthead March 27, 2008
3421 1876
one who is seemingly innocent.

Mary is commonly known as a good girl, for example: the virgin mary ... however Mary is a bad girl who never gets caught.
person1: ...christian cheerleader? a Mary?!?!
person2: yeah, at practice and chruch is a goody good... but you should've seen her at the party.
by baisemoi October 08, 2006
3636 2406
A very beautiful girl both inside and out. She is very sweet and funny. She likes to tell stories with no point, and laughs for long periods of time at her own jokes. She has a contagious smile that can't help but spread to others. Her heart is filled with joy, and she very much enjoys doing things for other people. She can be clever and sarcastic and somewhat witty. She may not be the prettiest girl out there, but her joy and her compassionate heart makes her more beautiful than one can imagine. Her style is all her own. The love she has for her family is irreplacable. She is artistic and creative. She isn't like everyone else...and that's just the way Mary should be.
She doesn't dress hipster...she dresses like Mary.
by Joseph Mary's Man September 15, 2011
1408 404
The most amazing name ever.
The person who gets annoyed when people sing "Mary had a little lamb" and "Mary mary quite contrary".
The person who was stupid enough to go to a catholic school, where there was a person in her class called Joseph.

But she's still amazing.
Don't deny it, you know it's true.
Fat Ass: Mary, mary, quite contrary, how does you garden grow?
Mary: Fuck you.

Fat Ass 2: Mary had a little lamb.
Mary: No fatty, she didn't
by Maaary! November 05, 2007
2828 1962
Dude, she's AMAZING!
Mary is just a chill kind of girl. She likes sports and being outdoors. She can be a bitch. She is beautiful. Great smile. She loves to make people laugh, and she is very good at it. She does not really like it when she gets complements. She is simple. She is happy. She is a badass.
Boy: Mary, you're such a badass

Mary: Dude, i know right?
by Ihleovcortfw. February 14, 2010
1023 494
Mary is full of life, witty, and fun...She has a biblical name which suggests one who is holy and pure, but she is actually naughty and nice, mixed into one beautiful package. She keeps you guessing and you always look forward to her presence...she is loyal, true-blue, and forever yours if you keep her mentally stimulated which sets the tone for the rest of the relationship...a definite keeper...
Mary, Mary quite contrary...sugar and spice, and everything nice...
by ChaiChi February 09, 2010
579 312
The most amazing person who was ever conceieved onto this earth.
The girl who does anything to make me smile!

She will take anyones breath away.
Why aren't you breathing? Ohhh, did you meet Mary?
by Kirst. February 10, 2009
1476 1213
An amazing girl, she is pretty and fun to be around. I would do anything to make Mary smile.
Mary is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, I can not get her out of my mind
by nicholasbot April 26, 2010
500 257
A Mary is someone who seems shy, quiet, and frightened at everything but when you get to know her she is really outgoing, talkative, and brave. Holy because of her name, she will stay an innocent angel, never doing anything wrong. A Mary is a great singer, sweet and caring, and optimistic. Either a Cheerleader or a Popular Prep. Girly. Usually a peacemaker. Ditzy and unaware of pervy things going on. Lives in her own world.
Person: "haha, that joke was awesome!"
Mary: "Wait, I don't get it."

Person: "Mary's so quiet!"
Friend: "Are you kidding? She doesn't shut up!"

Friend: "We're not gonna win!"
Mary: "Not with that attitude! Go!!! SPARTANS!"
by AnOtHeR_mArY October 24, 2009
506 313
1. The prettiest girl I've ever seen
2. Someone who I never get bored with
3. Someone who is completely understanding
4. She is sooooo interesting and thoughtful
5. Someone who is spontaneous
6. A girl that will be honest with you
7. The one who will always be there for me
8. Someone who takes care of herself
9. My bff
10. The one I love
I <3 Mary
by biGdog372 November 11, 2012
405 233
looks honest and sincere, but really is crazy and outgoing.
random guy: dude, mary is such a kiss up, she gave the teacher an apple

random guy number 2: yeah but you should have seen her stripping at my party last night.
by spongefreak May 01, 2009
327 213
In Montreal, a Mary is used to describe someone with incredible wit and good looks. Often bookish and lovable, a Mary is rare and the phrase should be used sparingly. The term was coined in the summer of 2008.
"Look at how elegantly she changes sidewalk. Like a shooting star crossing the sky. She's a Mary."
by Anonymous005001 September 25, 2008
867 765
Absolutely beautiful on the inside and out. Has infectious laughter and always brightens up the room with her gorgeous smile.
Mary busts out in laughter and everyone can't help but smile.
by Mary's friend Ali February 03, 2010
317 216
An Angel of hope and salvation that lights up the world of all that know her.
The moment Mary said she loved me, I was happy beyond belief.
by GTDEX2k8ee December 28, 2008
542 443
the girl who makes perfect grades, plays sports, is pretty, really cool, athletic and fun! The type of girl is hard to find. She's a really great person to hang out with. She enjoy's english and likes to read.

"Mary, damn she's smart!"
by Lisa Macrisheaear April 23, 2009
615 527
The girl that loves people for who they are. Always looked to as a friend or someone to get help from.
Man 1:"How about that girl Mary?"

Man2: "Oh she's definitely a keeper."

Man 1: "Boy she is fine."
by JJBizzle March 25, 2010
194 107
The sexiest person you'll ever know. Absolutely amazing, intelligent and a damn good pool player!
She's bringing sexy back... she's Mary!
by lyntylou February 03, 2010
271 184
Probably the cleverest and most influential of all ancient Judean women.
Joseph: You're WHAT?!? Aw, shit, your old man is gonna kill me.

Mary: Don't worry, I thought up a great story.
by Johnny Iron February 01, 2007
290 204
Mary is typically a girl that strives to be ontop but is happier to be in the middle. You cannot be around her without knowing what's around the corner. Always an adventure. Very laid back-classy, would drink beer out of a wine glass kind of girl! She holds to memories and treasures all of her friends. Her significant other may wear the pants but she picked them out for him! Intelligent, ambitous, courageous, seductive, wild, beautiful all the way around, and anything but boring!

Loves to buy useless toys, anything on sale, and stuff for every one else but herself.
Loves going to the movies!
Screams a one of a kind scream when someone is making out!
When pulled over, she makes out with cops.
Mary- "I picked you up something from Hobby Lobby, Its nothing big but totally you! It was on sale."
Mary when someone is kissing- "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
by ChelConn January 08, 2010
263 183
some one eceedingly happy, who feels it nessesary to live every day to the max.
"You sure are Mary today"
by gerald w. May 06, 2009
205 131