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A woman.. like myself, that calls her man from work to have phone sex in her office, and then goes home at lunch, for sex.. and on the way back to work masturbates. all the while back at work--thinking about the sex she had. and coming home.. yet again, to have more bouts of sex..
This morning I woke up early just so I could give him head, we fucked in the shower and I went to work, only wishing I was back at home to fuck him some more.
by Steven's Nymph December 20, 2004
Someone, normally female, that eats, breathes, & lives for sex. She dreams about it, often playing it over so much in her mind that something she has never tried can be exceptional the first time done with another person. She is insatiable & always ready to play but that does not always make her a slut or whore, for she can be picky in her selection.
I am a nympho but very selective in my lovers.
by sweetlovinbitch March 30, 2003

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