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It is generally a filipino curse literally meaning bitch mother or if used against somebody as a curse like " putang ina mo" means you're mother is a bitch or son of a bitch. Usually used when ones gets really mad with somebody and wants to pick a fight
Putang ina mo kakatayin kita
by Gerber1970 April 27, 2006
When you piss on the side of the bowl of the toilet instead of the water to make less noise at night.
Mom: Johnny, if you're staying up late tonight be sure to mute your piss so you don't wake me up.

Another example:
Friend 1: Hey I have to piss. What if I wake your parents?
Friend 2: Dude just use Piss Muting.
Friend 1: Great idea why didn't I think of that?
by the way... July 08, 2013
Someone who routinely does things that would be awesome if intentional.
Dude dropped a lighter off the overpass and landed it right in the window of a passing car. Total accidental jedi style.
by dr. jones PH Dizzle September 17, 2013
The three hardest words to say in the English Language.
When done properly, side effects include: A seeming absence of your stomach, silence, perhaps tears, and an overwhelming joy.
by Leiko October 10, 2004

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