Great, Brilliant, Wonderful, Amazing
Pandora: wow we're gonna have a whizzer time in this collage aren't we eff?

(quoted from skins)
by champ status January 01, 2010
Literally, one who masturbates. Common usage typically refers to anyone of whom you have a low opinion.
eckham's a fuck-useless tosser.

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "I have copyrighted the word "Tosser" for my new adult entertainment film. Please remove it from your site or i will be forced to take legal action. May i suggest replacing it with the term "Wanker"."
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
Someone who walks into a room and literally soaks up all the fun , as a sponge would to water . Also known as a buzz-kill or a party-pooper .
Colum Leen is such a fun-sponge , he always kills the buzz boner and wants to do work in class .
by Andrew1134 May 07, 2009
‎'Locked On' - adjective: slang pod term used to describe moments when a person gets completely obsessed with an idea and keeps running with it until they realise that they're acting like a freak. Often includes rambling and random tangents. Generally 'locked on' period lasts no more than 5-10 minutes, but has been known to extend to the wee hours of the morning and result in some really stupid decisions (commonly combined with alcohol/alternate means of intoxication in these extremes).
Talking about someone. "Wow, they got locked on."
by podling October 09, 2010
useless, waster, lazy person
He's a right dosser
by Cully April 01, 2003
1) noun: meaning arse(rarely used in complementary fashion)

2)~man, ~boy: a gay / homosexual man

see also chi chi, booty,

Origin: Jamaican slang

2) "Rude bwoy no promote no batty man"
"Gun shot fe batty boy"
by johnzee November 09, 2004
A lesbian.
"She's a right old lezzer"
by moof July 10, 2003

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