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A legal anti-depressant drug prescribed by psychologists to keep troubled teenaged kids in line. Paxil is one of many drugs that mental health facilities prescribe to immature high school aged kids with raging hormones. Other similar drugs include Ritalin, Prozac, Luvox and Wellbutrin. For some strange reason, Paxil is viewed to be a magic bullet for treating common depression in youngsters. However, the drug is associated a plethora of harmful side effects. For example, you won't be able to bust a nut easily if you are taking Paxil. But more importantly, Paxil is a serotin uptake inhibitor which causes wild teenagers to act even more impulsively. The mixture of teenage stupidity and hormones coupled with this drug-induced chemical imbalance in the brain is a dangerous brew. In fact, the young teenage boys that perpetrated the infamous Columbine High School massacre were doped up on these types of doctor prescribed anti-depressants.

These types of drugs are used as a cure-all for all types of theoretical "learning disabilities" that are pointed out by teachers at school. Examples of "learning disorders" are Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADDHD). However, it has not been proven that ADD is even based in physical brain chemistry. Despite this very fact, pyscholigists are altering teenager's brain chemistry on a daily basis with prescription dope. The prevalance of "ADD" & "ADDHD" in our society is more closely correlated with the rise of television, entertainment, the internet and fast-paced mediated images as well as a sugary caffeinated diet. You can't expect a 12 year old kid to sit still and listen to a droning boring lecture about communicable diseases when he is used to playing ultra violent video games and listening to gangsta rap songs about killing people.

Prescription drugs like Paxil and Adirol are also highly addictive as well. Paxil is known to have a long withraw period that can last for weeks or even months. Weening of Paxil is no different that trying to kick a drug like morphine. The unpleasant withdraw effects and addictive nature of such prescription drugs makes getting the monkey off your back a Herculean task. Many kids have also been known to use these types of drugs recreationally as well. Crushing up Adirol pills and sniffing them like coke is a common practice among high school and college aged kids.

Although doctors have prescribed these types of drugs to millions of kids over the last decade or so, there is no solid proof that these drugs actually treat the conditions for which they are prescribed. In addition, the long-term side effects of such drugs are not yet known. The current generation of adolescents hopped up on prescription drugs are literally a huge crop of guinea pigs. In actuality, the prescription of such legal drugs is just a way for the big drug companies to make billions of dollars by needlessly doping up the children of America.

Hey kid, your doctor prescribed you Paxil? I wouldn't take that shit if I were you. You're depressed? You're better off smoking some good green instead.
by Real-Eyes-Realize-Real-Lies July 23, 2008
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