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The girl who makes your heart jump when she enters the room.
The girl who breaks it as she leaves.

The girl you'll need for a long time, wherever you go.
That girl is my angel.
by loao March 07, 2005
a person that you can truly love and trustl sweet, kind, caring, quiet, calm, mellow. He/She is amazing in every way, and in your eyes, there is no one better. You may either be best friends with him/her and/or fall in love with him/her. Find an angel; find a friendship, fall in love. You will never forget them.
Friend: So, that's your angel, huh?
You: Yeah, I think I'm in love.
Friend: That's great. There is no better person for you.
by TheBaby#1 November 02, 2007
1. a girl who can brighten up the worst day with only a smile.

2. a girl who can make life bearable only with the sound of her voice.

3. a girl who will go through so much, more than anybody else to show you that she loves you unconditionally.

4. the girl who you have come to love and cannot, would not, and will not let go no matter what life throws at you.
"I wish my Angel never had to suffer for me."
"Although there are so many reasons to leave me, my Angel has stuck by my side because of her incomparable love for me."
"and for that reason I have come to a realization that, on my journey to the top, my Angel is the only one that I will need to take with me."
"I will be completely lost without you, Angel."
"I love you, Angel, in a way I have never loved you before."
by mike joy June 28, 2008
A tall beautiful dark haired figure, with bright radiant eyes! A thin elegant female that has a gorgeous smile. She repels away form the darkness but isnt afraid to fight it. Someone who can sing like an angel. Someone who puts a smile onto everyone's face as soon as she walks in. Someone that is kind and selfless. Someone who is thoughtful and helpful. Someone who is heavenly like.

and someone who has lips like and angel!
Angel is my angel!! 12-16-09
by sexzzyman15 February 04, 2010
A person that u love so much that u cant stop thinking about them no matter what. everything they do is perfect to u and u love the very thought of them. no one can take away the happiness u feel when ur with them. its like god sent u some1 so perfect...they're ur guardian angel.
You: I love you...Zach, I'm your guardian angel..
Zach: I love you too, I knew you were my angel from the very start...
by Danyelle Williams April 21, 2008
1. One who is thought to be so nice and sweet, they must be from heaven

2. A very sweet, nice, attractive, sometimes shy girl who a guy finds to be completely irresistable.
1. "My little kitty is such an angel."

2. "Kirsten's so hot, I wish she were my angel."
by G-to-the-Reg May 14, 2005
1. A person who is kind, pure, or beautiful
2. The girl who makes your heart jump when she enters the room.

3. -Someone with such a pure soul, who brightens the earth, and people around them.

4. One who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness.

5. A kind and lovable person.
Bronwyn, the personification of Angel
by Awesomeness (Jordan) April 03, 2011
The name Angel says everything. She will make you smile whenever u see her and makes your day whenever you are sad. She is so extremely sweet and helps people when they are in need especially when they are going through really tough times. As sweet and wonderful she is, there is always a bad side to her. Angel can get real naughty when she wants and this is the girl you need if you like to get down and do the "nasty nasty." she knows her ways (; Anyways, youre lucky to have such a such a girl. you will want to spend the rest of your life with her and she is the best you have ever had! CONGRATS TO YOU IF YOU GOT YOURSELF AN ANGEL! she is completely worth it. (:
Baby, angel, you are my sweet little naughty girl.
by thatonepersonnexttothatguy August 03, 2011
(1) One who is sweet and considerate towards others. They are self-less in decisions and try to do what is best for others.

(2) A guardian. A valient protector and warrior.
(Person 1 to Person 2) : Wow, you are an angel
by Mas_que_un_vencedor January 10, 2013
A person who will be your best friend, who is sweet and kind and will take care of you even if you get a little cold,

a person who will beat other people up when they make her best friend cry.
Angel is a person who couldn't hurt you in any ways whatsoever.

Who will love you from the earth and back.

Who loves K-Pop more then you!
She is truly an Angel.
Angel is very sweet and kind.
by SammieSammich October 21, 2013
1. A person that is fun-loving, athletic, high status in school and just a very cool kid that is sometimes a player, without meaning to be. He can be those kids who is popular that smokes and drinks. But once you know him he's more than you bargained for. Handsome, and everyone calls him an Angel. He even says it.

2. Angel as a girl name can be misleading cuz all the girls i know named that way are in no way an Angel like the boy angel i know. They are the kids who don't care what's happening in the world and lay back and let lower folk or nerds handle the jobs. But there are some female Angel's out there that are kid, generous, giving, and thoughtful. But not everyone is perfect.

3. Something from the Bible. Believe in it or not. I don't care. Described with a halo and white, bird-like wings.
1. Girl A: Angel is over their and eyeing me.

Girl B: yeah. He's so handsome though!

Girl C: But he's a player.

Girl A: yeah, but even a player can fall in love. :)

2. You go up and see someone who you love but cannot say the words to because they have unlimited personalities. And they change upon the day. That's a female Angel.

3. There is an angel now, with it's white wings and halo. (i couldn't think of anything else? o-O)
by FlashPikachu February 28, 2012
The only way to describe her, is her amazing talents. Her smiles, and hair, her beauty. She's the bestest friend EVER, and no one could replace her. So what if she doesn't think she's perfect? She is, she just doesn't realize it.
Angel: I'm not perfect...
Me: Yeah. You are.
by Diana Lighten November 27, 2011

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