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A word that formed from the derogatorative word "nigger". This word is used among many people to say stuff such as "homie", "bro", "friend", "dawg", etc.. It is mainly used within the African-American culture and MOST (not all, I am African-American and don't get mad about it unless it is being used like "nigger". I even get mad when black's use it. =\) get mad when someone without darker skin uses it, but it is also widely used by many other races and cultures.
Black Person: Whatsup cracka?
White Person: Nothin' my nigga!
Black Person: What the fuck man! You don't be comin around here callin' me a nigga and shit!
Me: Shut the fuck up nigga! I don't get so offended by this shit, and as you can tell.. I'm black!
by Wikkid Dragon December 20, 2005

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