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Italian rooted name,
Most Alejandra's are Beautiful and Intelligent. STRONG character. Positive, Confident. A sexy, bittersweet attitude, Direct, yet respectful and polite. Unexpected and Unpredictable. Sure of herself, knows what she wants.
Great personality and great listener. Good sense of humor. Humble and Relationship type of woman. Loves nature and Family. Very thoughtful, patient, and honest girl. Although quite a temper, when one upsets her and is stubborn for many things.
by successssissssweeeet November 30, 2011
He is the example of a real gentleman. He observes every little thing that happen around him. He can capture any girl in just one smile. His touch was like giving you some kind of mini-electricity. His eyes are brown. He speak with intelligence. He is smart. He is funny at the same time. His laugh is the very best music that ever made when you heard it. He respects everyone's opinion. He is a very responsible man. He's nice. He has this unbearable eyes when he stared at you. He always have this unreadable expressions in his face. He doesn't care bout what other people think of him. Sometimes when he's not in his mood he just so aloof and snob, but when it comes to the people whose important to him, he always give his smile as a greeting.
Gabriel: "What is that?"
Unknown: "I accidentally cut myself."
Gabriel: "Have you treat it already?"
Unknown: "Not yet."
Gabriel: "Come here, I'll do it for you."
by The "Unknown" December 07, 2011
Someone who makes each moment you're in his presence count! In a room full of people he easily captures your attention. He's spontaneous and fun. Always ready for the next adventure. He's out to find the truth in life and if you happen to meet him along this journey you can count yourself lucky. He's down for most anything if it's exciting and provides a thrill. As a people loving extrovert, he always provides his friends with live entertainment. As an intense observer, he's always watching and observing what's going on around him even when you think he isn't. Friendship, family and love are serious to him and if he considers you in his circle you have someone who will lay his life down for you.
When you look back on your life and reflect on the really interesting moments that meant something you'll say, "Hey, Gabriel was there!"
by LavaPanther September 13, 2011
The sexiest and most caring guy you will ever meet usually mixed racial usually mixed with some Hispanic and loves having fun, being random and usually is very social. Also he is there whenever your hurt or whenever you need help he's just an awesome and one of the most perfect guys.
Girl A:Hey have you met Gabriel he's hilarious

Girl B: And handsome apparently


Guy A: Hey this is friend Gabriel

Girl A: Nice to meet you Gabriel

Gabriel: The pleasure is all mine you are a very beautiful woman

Girl A: Why don't I show the house, if you'll follow me to the bedroom we can begin the tour

Guy B: Whoa did Gabriel just hit it off with her, but they just met

Guy A: I can't believe it either

Girl B: I can i mean have you seen him, what a catch
by ThatUrbanWritter September 29, 2013
The most incredible person in the world that will make your heart beat fast, your knees go weak, and a smile spread across your face every time he talks to you. The greatest person to talk to at 3:30 a.m about anything and everything.. Or simply nothing at all. The one you can trust to make you happy and the one you wish you could make the happiest guy in the world. The one you want to hold you every night and the one you want to kiss you awake every morning. The one that drives you crazy and the one that keeps you sane. The one that makes you fall deeper in love every day and the one that just loves you back. The one that you see in your dreams and the one that wants to make your dreams come true. The one that is perfect in your eyes and the one that you wish could see in the mirror just what you see in him. The one that lets you ramble on and on about absolutely nothing and the one that wouldn't have it any other way. The one you love with all of your heart and the one that means everything to you.
The one that you could go on about for days and still not do him justice.

The one that is indescribable.

"The One".

The one that I love.
Girl: Wowzerz he's amazing..

Boy: Whatever..

Girl: You're just jealous.

Boy: Am not.

Girl: Its okay... You have every reason to be jealous.... That's Nick.
by ToriOrio June 12, 2009
Phil is an all round amazing guy! Extremely good looking, and most girls find it almost impossible to resist his charms! Extremely funny and can have the whole room laughing in minutes! Doesn't take any shit from anybody and will tell you exactly what he thinks and what is on his mind. He is extremely talented with regards his hobbies. Master of all. Can turn his hand to anything. A very fun guy who gets on with anybody of any age.
Do you know, Phil
Yer, isn't he just the best?
by mbp1993 June 02, 2013

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