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a phrase used at the end of a story that had really no point to be told to someone. used at the end of boring stories to make them seem more interesting and worthwhile.
"yesterday i went to the fridge and took out a yogurt but put it back and got an apple instead.
...and then i found 5 dollars."
by defying gravity May 23, 2004
A transition from napping/cuddling to sensual foreplay, followed by passionate, (rough) sex... aka, I really want to hold you and be close, but let's go to pound town on the fuck truck.

Simply put, it's a cuddle that turns into a fuck. And it's really good. Also referred to as SF, or SFing.
I'm going to snugglefuck the shit outta you!

I wanted to fuck her really bad, but I also wanted to hold her in my arms....so I settled for a snugglefuck.
by loves to SF March 19, 2009
The act of texting while taking a shit. Sometimes, the textee is unaware that the texter is shitting.
Emma and Sara have important conversations while shexting on a regular basis.

Sara (text): hey where are you?
Emma (text): um...in...*cough*...bed?
Sara: Mkay
by eeemma_aras January 21, 2009
Someone who you know personally, and by the power of facebook turns into this magical philosopher, problem solver, visionary speaker and just a general complainer of life who doesn't know shit from clay and you know for a fact they are the stupidest dweeb ever!
Sue- "whteva btchs ihm sooo tuff and imma gt awn wif it . u cnt gt me dwn coz im strng. im nt fazd by u".

Me- "learn to spell you Facebook Shithead"

Jack- "I love life, I love all of you. Thank you world. Etc
Me- " This guys a total Facebook Shithead"
by The_Def_Master December 03, 2013
to be down with your husband/wife no matter what, through it all the good and the bad.
Thats my ride or die husband 4 life
by Fatima April 01, 2004
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