the person in which you are speaking to( friend, jam, dawg, homie)
Hey Boo!
You my boo!
Did you accomplish the shady buisness boo?
by ARGS November 19, 2003
To look at.
Take a boo at that.
by VI Raider February 16, 2009
Sexual companion pet name - a contraction of boo-ty.
Oh Boo, do that again!
by Shadowfoot September 12, 2003
Cutie-pie, boyfriend, girlfriend

Invented by Mandy and Menno.
Nelly & Kelly later used it in their crap-ass song.
Hey boo, I luves yoo
by Hank April 04, 2003
cool, alright, okay, etc.
ey whats brackin mayn?
i'm boo!
by jefferey November 24, 2006
less offensive term used to describe someone you have a sexual relationship with. short term for 'bootie call'
hey isnt that your boo over there, talking to the bartender?
by delores haze June 28, 2005
A very well known term used mostly in todays African American Urban language, It carries a very similiar meaning of the word Girlfriend.
"I'm takin my boo out somewhere tonight."
by Insane-CloVVn May 05, 2005

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